PUC will unveil Wind-E News

PUC will unveil Wind-E News The SDPUC is sharing some particularly breezy information via a new publication, the Wind-E News. This comprehensive email publication was crafted by the PUC to provide the most up-to-date wind maps, local stories, upcoming conferences, and most importantly, resources and links for wind enthusiasts throughout South Dakota.

"Landowners, economic development people and the public want good, accurate information on wind power," said PUC Chairman Bob Sahr. "The Wind-E News will help South Dakotans understand the opportunities and challenges of wind power development."

According to commission staff, the PUC fields many inquiries regarding the wind potential in South Dakota from landowners and possible developers.

"As in any business, it's prudent to research and understand a project before committing one's assets," said Vice Chairman Gary Hanson. "This newsletter will provide developers and producers with helpful information and identify other great resources."

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