Qwest offers wireless calling in Vermillion

Qwest offers wireless calling in Vermillion Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today expanded the availability of its nationwide wireless service to residential and small-business customers in Sioux Falls, Vermillion, and Watertown. For the first time, residents in these cities can choose Qwest Wireless for competitive national or state service plans.

Qwest's nationwide calling plans start as low as $39.99 for 500 weekday minutes, and include free nights and weekends, and a discount when customers combine wireless with any other Qwest service on a single bill.

Qwest also offers the latest in wireless camera-phones, video phones and walkie-talkie-style push-to-talk phones. More information about all of Qwest's services is available at www.qwest.com.

"Incorporating nationwide wireless calling into our Qwest Choice bundle creates one of the industry's most compelling offers for customers," said Larry Toll, Qwest president for South Dakota. "Bringing nationwide wireless service to more South Dakotans is part of our commitment to provide a broad selection of flexible and affordable communications services to customers."

Many Qwest nationwide plans include the following exclusive features at no extra charge for customers who have Qwest home phone service:

* Free Calls Home � When customers combine their Qwest local and Qwest wireless bills, calls made on the wireless network between their Qwest wireless phone and their home line are free. Qwest is the only provider to offer this cost savings to South Dakota customers.

* One Number Service � Customers can use this smart call-forwarding feature to automatically have their home or office calls routed directly to their wireless phone � so they can stay connected even when they are on the go.

* Voice Mail Link � A simple way for customers to integrate their wireless phone with their home or office voice mail. With Voice Mail Link, any call not answered on a customer's Qwest Wireless phone is directed to the home or office voice mail box, and a message notification is sent to both the home (or office) phone and the wireless phone.

* Shared Plans � With Qwest's add-a-line feature, both residential and small-business customers have access to the most competitive shared plans available, including free calls between wireless phones on the plan and free calls to and from their Qwest home or office phone (combine bill required to receive free calls to and from the home or office phone).

Qwest Wireless data services, including two-way text-messaging, picture phone e-mail messaging, and downloadable ring-tones and games, are also available. Customers can call 800-244-1111 for information on residential wireless service and 800-603-6000 for more information on small-business wireless service.

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