Send video message to military

Send video message to military The Sioux Empire American Red Cross encourages family members and friends of military members who are away from home this holiday season to send a video message to the military member, available from the Red Cross.

The Sioux Empire American Red Cross is one of about 70 chapters that has the equipment that allows to video a message in picture and sound to be sent to the service member wherever in the country or world. A valid email address is needed to send to the military member.

Partnering with Vidisolutions and with Maximum Promotions of Sioux Falls, the local Red Cross can send video message to our military men and women from their loved ones, friends and coworkers. The message is sent via the Internet and is a free service the Sioux Empire American Red Cross provides.

Call the local Red Cross at 605-336-2448 to arrange an appointment. The video message takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the member recording the video will also receive a copy of the video message along with the military member, via the Internet.

Currently the video must be made at the Red Cross office in Sioux Falls but the local chapter will soon be able to travel to businesses with their equipment to record messages when multiple groups in a business wish to send messages.

"Especially during the holiday season, our brave men and women protecting the rest of us would really appreciate a video message of holiday spirit from their loved ones and friends back home," said Red Cross CEO Jeff Stingley.

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