Signs of Christmas charity abundant in Wakonda

Signs of Christmas charity abundant in Wakonda by Ashley Anderson The small town of Wakonda is full of giving charity. If you feel generous this year, there are many outlets for that giving spirit.

Hometown singer, Kayla Nielsen, is scheduled for her third annual "Kayla Christmas."

Following her first concert, she made a CD and offered a freewill donation and all the money went to Toys for Tots. On Dec. 19, Nielsen will be hosting her concert at the Wakonda Bethel Baptist Church at 8 p.m.

There will be a freewill donation that will be sent to the Toys for Tots.

Wakonda's local convenient store, TJ's, has two boxes to collect donated items from Wakonda citizens that will be sent to Yankton a week before Christmas.

One box is for the Toys for Tots in Yankton. They are asking for new or slightly used toys, games and books for all ages.

The other box is for the Humane Society; they are asking for items such as animal dishes, kennels, old blankets, sheets, cat and dog food, cat litter and monetary donations.

If you want to help out all year with the Humane Society, please contact Arlene Kathan, 664-4244 or visit their Web site,

Every year the Wakonda Saint Patrick's Church goes to Yankton and provides a soup supper. It gives needy people a chance to come in to a warm place and eat soup, bread and a dessert.

The church members also get a chance to sit down with people, strike up acquaintances and help ease the burden of loneliness they may be feeling.

The Methodist Church in Wakonda does a mitten tree and participates in a program benefiting children of prisoners in Yankton. All churches give to charitable programs throughout the year, but more so at Christmas.

If you are interested, just call one of the churches and they will direct your generosity to a worthy program.

This year the Wakonda School Student Council is conducting a penny drive contest for Abbie Logue, daughter of Angie and Tom Logue, who is scheduled to receive a donated kidney from her father in the near future.

Each high school class is paired up with an elementary class and is required to get as many pennies as they can. The twist is that if another class puts in a silver coin or a dollar bill then that counts against the total number of pennies the class has.

For instance, if a class has 10 pennies and another class puts in a nickel, that class now only has five pennies. On Monday, Dec. 20, the pennies will be counted up and whichever class has the most wins a free pop.

Every year Wakonda Junior High and Wakonda High School students come together in their classrooms and decide if they want to participate in the Angel Tree or the Food Basket.

With the Angel Tree, students donate money and receive a gift list from an anonymous needy local child or family. The class shops for those gifts to be given to their family.

To assist the Food Basket, each class brings in canned foods, money, and turkey or a ham for a family in need. Wakonda has participated in these two projects for several years now and it is a great way of spreading Christmas cheer.

Give, give, give.

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