Soybean rust, wind energy on Dec. 5 Today’s Ag show

Soybean rust, wind energy on Dec. 5 Today's Ag show Soybean rust and wind energy are among the topics on the Dec. 5 edition of Today's Ag.

Today's Ag managing editor and host Carrie Law said the program includes an update on the latest findings of soybean rust in the United States.

A segment with SDSU Extension Climatologist Dennis Todey and SDSU associate professor of electrical engineering Michael Ropp explores the potential of wind energy.

Part of the show also looks at creative solutions in managing cattle through drought. Western South Dakota ranchers Lynn and Holly Waddell used SDSU Extension's FeedFinder Web site to help feed their herd, and sold their cattle with an option to buy them back if the drought broke � as it eventually did.

Learn more about ag issues by visiting the Today's Ag Web site at http://www.todays for links to other stories about global agriculture.

Today's Ag is a weekly half-hour news show about agriculture and rural life. The show features unbiased, science-based information from land grant universities in the

Midwest, and is produced

by South Dakota State University.

Watch Today's Ag on KELO-TV Sioux Falls, Sunday at 10:35 p.m.

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