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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Senior golfers find day to play

Twenty-two seniors found a day in December to brag about � the weather that is, and so they had a round of golf at The Bluffs on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

Our winners this date were Dave Raabe, Howard Connors and Dick Munkvold, who carded an excellent score of 35, one under par. This team had two birdies and one bogie on the round.

Since this was our first December meeting and might be the last for this month it was decided to give a prize to each player. These prize winners were Turk Pilker, Lloyd Helseth, Jim Grabowski, Jim Stewart, Dick Gregory, Jack Stewart, Fritz Bartels, Ron Steckelberg, Bob Lund, Louie Fostvedt, Vern Holter, Dave Zimmer, Cleland Cook, David Bak, Tim O'Connor, Jack Doyle, Ken Beringer, Don Baer and Jim Reed.

The call committee will alert all of you when the next meeting will be held. The year 2004 has been great for the Senior Mens Fun Golf Players of The Bluffs in Vermillion.

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