USD professor featured in new book and article

USD professor featured in new book and article Dr. Barry Timms of�The University of South Dakota School of Medicine is a contributing author for a chapter in a new book just published by the American Cancer Society and for a special supplement of the Journal Cancer.

In addition, he is an invited speaker at a forthcoming International Symposium on Endocrine Disruptors to be held in Japan on Dec. 15-17.

The book, American Cancer Society's Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer, is an easy-to-read guide for men and their loved ones. It delivers facts everyone should know about prostate cancer, including information about the latest advances in prevention, early detection, and treatment. The range of treatment options available and their advantages, expected outcomes, and potential side effects are also discussed. How to cope with emotional stresses and potential physical side effects such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction are outlined, as are how to maintain quality of life, sexuality, and relationships after treatment. Practical issues like managing medical information, work, insurance, and money are noted as well.

Dr. Timms' article in the journal is titled "Human Prostate Cancer Risk Factors." It examines prostate cancer as the most frequent cancer other than skin cancer in the human body, with similar likelihood of hitting any man around the world regardless of diet, occupation, lifestyle, or other factors. The review is a contemporary and comprehensive, literature-based analysis of the putative risk factors for human prostate cancer.

The International Symposium on Endocrine Disruptors is organized by the government of Japan's Ministry of the Environment. The symposium will include panels and speeches from experts around the globe.

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