USD swimmers compete at Kenosha

USD swimmers compete at Kenosha The University of South Dakota swimming and diving teams both finished in the top-five of the team competition at the Carthage College Invite on Dec. 3-4 in Kenosha, WI. A total of eight teams competed in the meet in both the men's and women's competition.

The South Dakota women's team finished fifth with 555 points at the invite. St. Cloud State had 1,017 points to win the women's team title. The Coyotes men's team was fourth with 726 points with Carthage College taking the team title with 884 points.

The Coyotes had a total of seven individual titles, including five by the women's team and two by the men's squad. The Coyotes swimmers also recorded several clockings which ranked in the top 10 in school history.

Leading the way for the USD women's team was freshman Leita Rolfe of Newcastle, WY, who had a pair of individual titles. Rolfe, a freshman, won the 200 IM in 2:12.76 and also captured a title in the 400 IM in 4:41.54. She also was a member of the second-place 400 medley relay that was second in 4:25.40 and a member of the fourth- place 400 free relay squad that finished in 3:43.74.

Audrey Donley, a senior from Arvada, CO, who was also a member of those relay squads, was a double winner in individual competition. She won the 1,650 free in 18:13.79 and captured the 500 free in 5:13.72. Donley's clocking in the 1,650 free was the seventh best in school history.

Megan Gordon, another member of the 400 medley and 400 free relays, won the 100 back in 1:00.32. Gordon, a freshman from Grand Rapids, MN, also finished second in the 200 breast in 2:10.19.

The South Dakota men's team received individual titles from John Murman of Lincoln, NE, in the 50 free in 21.18 and Garth Meacham of West Des Moines, IA, in the 200 fly in 1:56.13. Meacham's clocking in the 200 fly is the fifth-best in USD school history.

Murman, a junior, also finished third in the 200 IM in 1:59.59 and 100 Free in 47.40 and was a member of the 200 free relay that finished second in 1:25.88. Murman�s 50 free clocking ranks ninth-best in school history.

The USD 200 Medley Relay was second in 1:36.99 with a squad that included Tim Byers of Billings, MT.; Dirk Craft of Palmer, AK; Tyler Scheer of Lincoln, NE; and Ryan Malone of Lincoln, NE.

Event Breakdown

Women�s Results

200 Free Relay: USD A, 7th, 1:44.98. Team included Brianna Wass, Douglas, WY; Angie Stalker, Sheridan, WY; Monica Mayer, Bloomington, MN; Jenny Kohlbrand, Newcastle, WY; USD B, 10th, 1:46.46. Team members included Brae Olson, Hutchinson, MN; Lacey Liebmann, Crystal Lake, IL; Theresa Eustice, Waseca, MN; and Louree Houston, Omaha, NE.

800 Free Relay: USD A, 6th, 8:19.76. Team members included Mayer, Liebmann, Tietz and Wass.

400 Medley Relay: USD A, 2nd, 4:07.90. Team members included Megan Gordon, Grand Rapids, MN; Leita Rolfe, Newcastle, WY; Olson, Audrey Donley, Arvada, CO; USD B, 14th, 4:25.40. Team members included Eustice, Stalker, Houston, and Kohlbrand.

200 Medley Relay: USD A, 7th, 1:54.60. Team members included Gordon, Rolfe, Donley and Kohlbrand. USD B, 12th, 2:00.07. Team members included Eustice, Stalker, Olson and Wass.

400 Free Relay: USD A, 4th, 3:43.74. Team members included Donley, Rolfe, Gordon, and Stalker. USD B, 10th, 3:53.00. Team members included Houston, Liebmann, Wass and Mayer.

200 IM: Leita Rolfe (Newcastle, WY), 1st, 2:12.76 (2:12.20, prelims). Megan Gordon (Grand Rapids, MN), 12th, 2:17.34.

500 Free: Audrey Donley (Arvada, CO), 1st, 5:13.72; Jessica Tietz (Williston, ND), 6th, 5:27.31; Mayer, 17th, 5:36.79; Liebmann, 18th, 5:38.79.

100 Breast: Rolfe, 5th, 1:09.54.

200 Breast: Gordon, 2nd, 2:10.19; Eustice, 7th, 2:17.53; Wass, 13th, 2:21.80.

100 Free: Kohlbrand, 19th, 58.59.

200 Fly: Donley, 6th, 2:17.85; Olson, 14th, 2:24.08; Mayer, 20th, 2:29.34.

400 IM: Rolfe, 1st, 4:41.54; Donley, 6th, 4:53.18 (4:50.52 prelims); Gordon, 17th, 5:01.90.

200 Free: Wass, 11th, 2:03.72; Liebmann, 16th, 2:05.34.

100 Fly: Olson, 12th, 1:04.39; Eustice, 14th, 1:04.54.

200 Breast: Rolfe, 3rd, 2:29.84; Liebmann, 16th, 2:40.63.

100 Back: Gordon, 1st, 1:00.32; Eustice, 9th, 1:04.78; Wass, 13th, 1:05.77.

50 Free: Stalker, 15th, 26.37; Kohlbrand, 16th, 26.42; Houston, 20th, 26.93.

1,650 Free: Donley, 1st, 18:13.79; Tietz, 5th, 18:43.42.

Men�s Results

200 Free Relay: USD A, 2nd, 1:25.98. Team members included John Murman, Lincoln, NE; Tyler Scheer, Lincoln, NE; Ryan Malone, Lincoln, NE; and Dirk Craft, Palmer, Alaska. USD B, 10th, 1:32.12. Team members included Dylan Smith, Cheyenne, WY; David Lind, Kearney, NE; Pat Elsener, Lincoln, NE; Tim Murman, Lincoln, NE.

800 Free Relay: USD A, 9th, 7:30.72. Team members included: Lind, Eric Thorsen, Eden Prairie, MN; Tim Murman, Kyle Anderson, Portland, OR; USD B, 10th, 7:33.49. Team members included Scott Krivohlavek, Norfolk, NE; Robert Hastings, Sparks, NV; Dylan Smith, and Garth Meacham, West Des Moines, IA.

400 Medley Relay: USD A, 3rd, 3:37.54. Team members included Tim Byers, Billings, MT; Craft, Meacham, and John Murman. USD B, 8th, 3:45.88. Team members included Ian Widney, Cheyenne, WY; Josh Fleming, Lincoln, NE; Elsener, and Malone.

200 Medley Relay: USD A, 2nd, 1:36.99. Team members included Byers, Craft, Scheer and Malone. USD B, 8th, 1:42.12. Team members included John Senger, Papillion, NE; Fleming, Meacham, John Murman.

400 Free Relay: USD A, 3rd, 3:11.52. Team members included John Murman, Byers, Scheer and Craft. USD B, 10th, 3:20.12. Team members included Tim Murman, Malone, Thorsen, and David Lind.

200 IM: Murman, 3rd, 1:59.59; Tim Byers (Billings, MT), 11th, 2:01.59; Josh Fleming (Lincoln, NE), 13th, 2:02.67.

500 Free: Garth Meacham (West Des Moines, IA), 12th, 4:50.33; Robert Hastings (Sparks, NV), 18th, 5:05.41; Scott Krivohlavek (Norfolk, NE), 20th, 5:12.58.

200 Breast: Byers, 6th, 2:01.30; John Senger (Papillion, NE), 12th, 2:06.21; Dylan Smith, 19th, 2:10.69.

100 Breast: Fleming, 6th, 1:01.92; Craft, 7th, 1:02.11; Scheer, 17th, 1:04.37; Elsener, 20th, 1:06.32.

100 Free: Murman, 3rd, 47.40; Craft, 7th, 48.42; Malone, 20th, 50.5.

200 Fly: Meacham, 1st, 1:56.13; Hastings, 9th, 2:04.31; Kyle Anderson (Portland, OR), 11th, 2:01.19; Scheer, 13th, 2:03.83.

200 Free: John Murman, 7th, 1:47.03; Tim Murman, 15th, 1:51.03.

400 IM: Anderson, 6th, 4:22.93; Fleming, 11th, 4:22.70; Hastings, 12th, 4:29.87; Senger, 14th, 4:37.79.

100 Fly: Meacham, 4th, 52.74; Scheer, 5th, 52.80; Byers, 9th, 54.23; Malone, 17th, 55.89.

200 Breast: Fleming, 4th, 2:13.00; Krivohlavek, 16th, 2:25.86.

100 Back: Byers, 6th, 55.64; Senger, 14th, 58.11.

50 Free: John Murman, 1st, 21.18; Craft, 5th, 21.71; Scheer, 12th, 22.33; Malone, 14th, 22.49.

1,650 Free: Anderson, 7th, 17:09.39; Meacham, 8th, 17:12.93; Hastings, 12th, 17:30.10; Thorsen, 15th, 17:53.54; Krivohlavek, 18th, 18:18.07.

Final Team Points

Women�s Team Scores: St. Cloud State, 1,017; Gustavus Adolphus, 698.50; St. Olaf, 666.50; Lewis, 560; South Dakota, 555; Carthage, 547; Illinois Tech, 290; and Lake Forest, 217.

Men�s Team Scores: Carthage, 884; Gustavus Adolphus, 835.50; St. Olaf, 805.50; South Dakota, 726; Lewis, 521; St. Cloud State, 492; Illinois Tech, 221; and Lake Forest, 76.

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