Vermillion High receives funding to implement High Schools that Work

Vermillion High receives funding to implement High Schools that Work The Vermillion School District has received funding from the South Dakota Great Plains Foundation through the South Dakota Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education to implement High Schools that Work. The award is for $10,000 for each of three years to implement the components of this school improvement framework.

"This funding award will assist us in making changes in curriculum and instruction that will ultimately result in higher student achievement," said Mark Froke, Vermillion School superintendent.

Ten key practices define the framework for this school improvement initiative. These practices include: higher expectations for students, revising academic and career technical curriculum, having all students complete a challenging program of study, work-based learning, teachers working together, guidance and advisement, instructional strategies, extra help for all students, and assessment and use of data for continuous improvement.

According to Vermillion High School Principal Curt Cameron, "The focus of our High Schools That Work program fits well with the components of the No Child Left Behind law."

The High Schools that Work program requires that an action planning team is identified in the school. Members of this team include: Cameron, Carissa Dobrinski, Jason Gault, Liz Hogen, Sharla Krell and Nicole Tarr.

High Schools that Work is the largest whole-school improvement effort in the United States with more than 1,300 schools in 32 states participating.

Because of its close correlation with No Child Left Behind, the South Dakota Office of Career and Technical Education has selected this as a recommended framework for implementing school improvement.

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