Wakonda kindergarteners tell what they like best about Christmas

Wakonda kindergarteners tell what they like best about Christmas Coddie � I give Santa milk and cookies. We go to grandma's in the morning and we eat a lot of popcorn.

Quinten � I like Santa and playing with my Christmas toys and I like Rudolph. We set up all the things that say "I love you, Santa."

Nicole � I like opening presents. We set up my Christmas tree and we make candy canes.

Stina � I like unwrapping presents and when Santa sneaks in our rooms and gives us candy. I like when we buy the Christmas tree and decorate it and wrap presents for grandpas and grandmas and cousins and aunts and uncles.

Dylan � I like the Christmas tree and Christmas presents. We make Christmas cookies and we decorate them. And we read Christmas stories.

Kaci � I like when Santa gives us toys and candy. I like when we get presents and it's a surprise. Tyler and me get to open the presents.

Malcolm � My favorite thing about Christmas is God wants to let us play everyday and I love my teacher and I love Mrs. Holoch. My family plays games.

Austin � I like to play in the snow and throw snowballs and have snow fights. I like to eat turkey at Christmas.

Alicia � My favorite thing about Christmas is playing in the snow with my brother and my family and Saddie. We cook hot cocoa and we hang up Christmas lights.

Brady � I hang up Christmas lights and put up my Christmas tree. I eat really hot stuff when it's winter. I get my snow pants and snow boots and play in the snow. At the Christmas Logue family I got a remote control and we never know what we will get for Christmas.

Kylie � I like presents at Christmas. My mom and dad give me and my brother presents. We set up a Christmas tree and put presents under it.

Deven � I like opening presents and playing with my toys and playing video games. We eat Christmas pie and play with my friends.

Gazmyne � I like Santa. I play with my friends and make a fight with the snowmen at my house. I play with my unicorn. I go to bed and Santa Claus will come.

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