Warriorettes take on the Titans and Bulldogs

Warriorettes take on the Titans and Bulldogs by Ally Eckert The final season of the Warriorettes is off to a strong, but rocky start. Though they lost their first two games, they didn�t let their opponents off easy.

This was the first time in several years that the Warriorettes lost both of their first two games. This may be because they graduated four of their five starters last year.

This left the new starters to have little experience in varsity play.

Everyone underestimated the Warriorettes, thinking that since they lost all their starters they would be an easy victory, but the Warriorettes proved to be just the opposite.

On Dec. 6, the Warriorettes challenged the Tea Titans at home. In varsity play the girls lost 44-50.

Top player on the varsity team proved to be Meghan Martz. Martz scored a total of 15 points. She was followed by Jessica Peterson with 12 points.

Martz brought in the most rebounds with 15. She also swept the steals with a total of six. Peterson followed with four steals. Ashley Anderson led the assists with two.

The junior varsity team lost 16-24. Casey Hessman proved to be the top scorer for the Warriorettes with 10 points. She was followed by Kelli Johnston with five points.

Hessman also dominated in steals along with Emily Ganschow both with three. Katie Sokolowski lead in rebound with five total followed by Johnston and Brittany Rederick both with four.

On Dec. 9, the girls played the tough Hurley Bulldogs on their home turf. This varsity game proved to be one of the roughest games in a long time.

Wakonda ended the game with 24 fouls and Hurley had a total of 21 fouls. This slowed the game and brought the final score to 44-57.

They may have lost but the Warriorettes put up a tough fight, winning one quarter and trailing by only six points with 3:30 left in the game.

They brought in a total of 63 rebounds. Martz led the team with 26 followed by Tiffany Ganschow with 14.

Martz was again the top scorer with 16 points total followed by Tiffany Ganschow with 13.

Helping with the victory were Tiffany Ganschow with three assists and Anderson with two assists.

Peterson had a hand in the victory with three steals followed by Anderson with two.

Wakonda�s JV team put up a good fight with a final score of 24-27.

Hessman took the top scorer position again with a total of nine points. Johnston followed with six. Emily Ganschow, Johnston, and Rederick all brought in four rebounds.

Emily Ganschow, Rederick, Hessman, and Sokolowski all took three steals. Hessman helped the score with three assists.

The Warriorettes traveled to Freeman to face the Flyers on Monday, Dec. 13 and faced the Gayville-Volin Raiders on Friday, Dec. 17.

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