Alcester-Hudson hosts quadrangular

Alcester-Hudson hosts quadrangular By Jim Prosser The Vermillion High School wrestling team participated in the Alcester-Hudson Quadrangular on Jan. 11.

Participating teams were Alcester-Hudson, Elk Point-Jefferson, Sioux City East and Vermillion.

Varsity results

Elk Point-Jefferson 57; Vermillion 12.

103 � Tyler Stark (EPJ) WBF over Chris Mart (Ver) in 1:01.

112 � Jay Gabel (EPJ) WBF over Ryan O�Connor (Ver) in 0:34.

119 � Tanner Mart (Ver) WBF over Tyler Chicoine (EPJ) in 1:51.

125 � Danny Hutcheson (EPJ) won by decision over Kyle Hubert (Ver) 9-7.

130 � Josh Butrous (EPJ) won by major decision over Andrew Eidem (Ver) 10-2.

135 � Jacob Butrous (EPJ) won by decision over J.J. LaMie (Ver) 9-7.

140 � Andrew Trudeau (EPJ) won by decision over Luke Heine (Ver) 8-2.

145 � Nick Mart (Ver) WBF over Troy Turkleson (EPJ) in 1:53.

189 � Mark Donnelly (EPJ) won by decision over Jordan Anderson (Ver) 9-6.

215 � Taylor Forsling (EPJ) WBF over Josh Smock (Ver) in 5:21.

275 � Justin Kyte (EPJ) WBF over Harrison Hawley (Ver) in 1:00.

JV results

103 � Earl Kiertzner (Ver) WBF over Nick Bottger (EPJ) in 2:49.

103 � Nick Hutcheson (EPJ) WBF over Tony Hubert (Ver) in 1:27.

103 � Nick Botter (EPJ) won by decision over J.R. Moore (Ver) 7-0.

160 � B.J. Poblen (EPJ) won by disqualification over Tony Kronaizl (Ver) 7-6.

171 � Gerrit Heine (Ver) WBF over Cody Braun (EPJ) in 2:26.

Varsity results

Alcester-Hudson 41; Vermillion 36.

103 � Chris Mart (Ver) won by decision over Jonny Moumy (AH) 11-5.

112 � Ryan O�Connor (Ver) WBF over Corey Haisch (AH) in 3:40.

119 � Carl Serck (AH) won by technical fall over Tanner Mart (Ver) 20-5.

125 � Kyle Hubert (Ver) won by forfeit.

130 � Andrew Eidem (Ver) WBF over Brendon Norseen (AH) in 1:48.

135 � Nathan Sigman (AH) WBF over J.J. LaMie (Ver) in 2:40.

140 � Chad Gray (AH) WBF over Luke Heine (Ver) in 3:53.

145 � Zach DeBruin (AH) WBF over Nick Mart (Ver) in 1:27.

160 � Tyler Anglin (Ver) received a forfeit.

171 � Jesse Nielson (AH) received a forfeit.

189 � Jordan Anderson (Ver) won by decision over Alex Merrick (AH) 6-0.

215 � Joe Kezer (AH) WBF over Josh Smock (Ver) in 1:16.

275 � Harrison Hawley (Ver) received a forfeit.

JV results

Ex � Tony Hubert (Ver) won by decision over Darrel Oberg (AH) 7-0.

Ex � J.R. Moore (Ver) won by decision over Darrel Oberg (AH) 2-0.

Varsity results

Vermillion 45; Sioux City East 30.

103 � Chris Mart (Ver) WBF over Justin Coon (SC) in 2:28.

112 � Ryan O�Connor (Ver) received a forfeit.

119 � Tanner Mart (Ver) received a forfeit.

125 � Kyle Hubert (Ver) WBF over Skyler Stilwell (SC) in 1:22.

130 � Nick Lanning (SC) won by decision over Andrew Eidem (Ver) 5-3.

135 � J.J. LaMie (Ver) WBF over Mike Stabile (SC) in 0:56.

140 � Luke Heine (Ver) won by decision over Ben Villim (SC) 11-5.

145 ��Nick Mart (Ver) WBF over Blake Gerard (SC) in 2:20.

160 � Ryan Bell (SC) WBF over Tyler Anglin (Ver) in 0:58.

189 � Jordan Anderson (Ver) WBF over Skyler Morrison (SC) in 2:39.

215 � Ben Collins (SC) WBF over Josh Smock (Ver) in 1:21.

275 � Andy Burger (SC) won by decision over Harrison Hawley (Ver) 3-1.

JV results

135 � Ryan Dickinson (SC) won by major decision over Eric Corner (Ver) 14-4.

160 _ Tony Kronaizl (Ver) WBF over Kyle Steinbach (SC) in 0:36.

�We started out the night wrestling pretty well against EPJ,� said coach Casey O�Connor. �I knew coming into the night that they would be one of the better dual teams we would see all year. They were solid throughout their lineup. We had to stay focused and work to capitalize on their mistakes.

�During our second dual against Alcester-Hudson, we lost our focus and several of the wrestlers got out of position and got caught,� he continued. �We gave up several falls that I don�t think we should have given up.

�In the dual against Sioux City East, I think we regained our focus, didn�t force shots and were able to wrestle with minimal mistakes,� O�Connor added.

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