Berglin winner of DIANA Award

Berglin winner of DIANA Award Nearly 100 people were present to witness as Mary Berglin was honored with the prestigious DIANA Award.

She and the other nominees were honored for their outstanding work in their church and community organizations in a ceremony held Jan. 23, at the W.H. Over Museum.

Devotion to family, teaching, distribution of food to the needy and child care were contributing factors in their nominations.

Berglin's name will be submitted for state competition and that award will be presented at the state convention in May at the Holiday Inn, Mitchell.

The DIANA Award recognizes a special person in the community. This person may never have been recognized before; they may be serving quietly, unnoticed in the community.

It is the privilege of ESA International to honor the women with the first award given by ESA to people outside of ESA.

The Vermillion chapters of ESA were responsible for presenting this DIANA Award Presentation.

Sally Schmitz and Mary Geffre Johnson were in charge of arrangements.

A special thank you to organizations and members submitting names for the award.

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