Center for Children completes review

Center for Children completes review The Center for Children and Families Toddler Pro-gram has recently completed an Infant and Toddlers Environmental Rating Scale review.

This review is conducted by consultants who use a rating scale to look at several areas in the toddler program, including space and furnishings for children, personal care routines, listening and talking, interaction, program structure, parents and staff. Consultants on this review were Kristine McCann and Jill Munger.

Recommendations are made by the consultants to improve services to children and families. The program then makes an action plan to follow-up on recommendations and works with consultants to achieve the goals. Upon completion of the review, the program receives a grant of $1,000 to purchase equipment and furniture.

The Center for Children and Families applied for the review to continue their commitment to provide quality care for young children in our community. The Infant Program has applied for and has been accepted to participate in the IT/ERS review process as well.

The Center for Children and Families is a non-profit childcare center located in Vermillion.

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