Clubs Coyote Cubs will help with luminaries

The Coyote Cubs met on Sunday, Jan. 16 at the 4-H center. Demonstrations were the first order of business. Annie Carlson did a demonstration on "No Bake Cookies." They were delicious. Casey Carlson gave the cub an informative talk on "Nutrition and Wrestling." Andrea Lias finished the demonstrations with "Embroidery Painting."

President Annie Carlson called the business meeting to order. Julie Renner led the flag pledges. The roll call topic was "One sport you do not like to watch on television." Emily Renner gave the secretary's report for Kate Renner. Laura Aga, community service coordinator, read the thank yous for the past projects we have done.

The club voted to purchase luminary bags for the Relay for Life event on Feb. 20. Each family designated a person that they would like to honor.

Jeanette reminded members who have not returned their enrollment forms that they are due now.

Next meeting will be on March 20 at 5:30 p.m. The roll call topic will be "a community service project idea." The Knutsons will be the host family.

The meeting adjourned and the members enjoyed a delicious lunch served by Annie and Casey Carlson.


Shelli Knutson

PTA Chapter gathers for meeting

PTA President Paddy Rosdail welcomed all in attendance at 7:01 p.m. and read the thank you notes from teachers and staff at Jolley and Austin Elementary schools for the giving tree items given in December.

MaryAnn Upward continues to ask for volunteers on Thursday mornings for the Special Education (SPED) preschool program. Lisa Swanson volunteered to help for the month of February.

Committee Reports

Fund raising � Ruth Ann Hildreth reported:

? Pizza Hut donated $90 to the PTA of their profits for the Artist in Residence program.

? Box Tops have sent an $1870.41 check in January and currently we have $220 worth to turn in. Of the amount sent in January, $700.00 will be spent on books for Austin, and $700.00 will be spend on reading rewards at Jolley (accelerated reading).

? Soup Labels, currently have a balance of 6,000 labels

? Jones Food Store � $7,000 receipts and this program ends March 31st.

Recognition � Deana Fuller reported that advertisements will soon be in the Broadcaster recognizing the teachers in the Vermillion Public Schools and St. Agnes School. Deana is taking pictures of all the teachers and hopes to include them in the Broadcaster the next few months. Deana is getting financial support from local businesses for these advertisements.

Reflections � Lisa Swanson reported a successful PTA Reflections art program on Friday, Jan. 14 at the Washington Arts Center. There were many participants who submitted their artwork and a great evening was provided for these kids and parents.

Lisa also reported the Artist in Residence program will be held for two weeks, Feb. 14-25 for second and fourth graders. A grant has been received from the South Dakota Arts Council for $900.00 for this two-week residency. PTA is responsible to match that grant, and a variety of sponsors and resources are being considered. In addition to this $900, we also need to provide art supplies and lodging.

Legislative � Judy Zwolac reported the school board unanimously approved the opt-out vote be held Tuesday, March 15. Now the real work begins for us to make sure people get to the polls to vote in favor of opting out of the property tax freeze. We will be asked to help with a phone list near the day of the election.

Judy gave us information to ask our representatives to support greater school funding. Please write a short note to each of our legislators asking them to support the proposal to raise the school funding by 3 percent annually. All legislators have an e-mail link on their Web sites at Or letters can be sent to: Sen. Ben Nesselhuf, P.O. Box 68, Vermillion, SD 57069; Rep. Donna Schafer, 304 Canby St., Vermillion, SD 57069; or Rep. Jamie Boomgarden, 27348 461st Ave., Chancellor, SD 57015.

As concerned parents, teachers and community members who believe in the future of our kids and our community, we have the power and responsibility to make our public schools the best they can be. Ensuring adequate funding of our schools is one of the most pressing needs in South Dakota today. Let your voice be heard.

A steering committee is being formed and Judy Zwolac, Paddy Rosdail and Lisa Swanson will serve on this committee from the PTA. They will be talking to businesses and asking for their continued support.

Paddy received a letter from the state PTA president asking for our attendance in Pierre on Monday, Feb. 7 to listen to how legislative decisions are made. After much discussion, it was decided to gather more information.

Events � The Book Fair will be here Feb. 28 � March 7 during parent/teacher conferences.

Carnival � Friday, Feb. 4 will be the second annual carnival sponsored by PTA. Sign-up sheets have been sent home with donation requests and an opportunity to sign up to help. If you need more information, please call Paddy Rosdail, 624-0230.

Children�s Health and Safety � Angie Callahan introduced a new program recently purchased for our school district called, �The Child Lures Program� by Kenneth Wooden. The cost for this program package was $475 and was paid for by the Vermillion Civic Council. Angie shared some statistics of crimes against children.

Barb Schwartz, counselor with the school district, showed some video of real life situations and lures by perpetrators to give us an idea of how easily children can be kidnapped. Barb asked PTA for our input on how best to proceed with this new program. There was some discussion on having a parent�s night to show the video in its entirety and discuss it further. Also, whether to make available to parents the book, which details the 16 lures commonly used. There was some discussion to have this book available for purchase at the parent/teacher conferences in February and March. Those interested in helping serve on a committee on this topic, please call Barb Schwartz at Jolley at 677-7015.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m. The next PTA general meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Jolley Media Center. The program will be an opt-out discussion.

Lucky Trailblazers make VA valentines

The Lucky Trailblazers 4-H Club helds its monthly meeting Jan. 18.

Bev Kennedy called the meeting to order. We recited the pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge. The roll call topic, �What is your favorite food?� was selected by Dana Nelson.

The secretary�s report was read. Club members passed around thank you notes from the family we sponsor. Insurance and enrollment forms were passed out to members. Enrollment forms need to be in right away.

Insurance forms need to be into the Extension office by March 1.

Tayler Geu sent a daily horse care examination sheet. Bev Kennedy went through it and explained all aspects of the sheet, how to find all examination points, and why each part was important.

Joe Ensminger informed the group that the Rodeo Club was having an auction in March and 4-H members are invited to come and bid on items.

Maddie Pace made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Dana Nelson seconded it, and it passed. The next meeting will be Feb. 15, with Dana Nelson being hostess and giving her talk and Tayler Geu responsible for the roll call topic.

After the meeting everyone was busy making Valentine�s Day cards for the VA hospital. Taylor Geu also provided lunch for the club.

Dana Nelson


Wakonda auxiliary invites new members

The Wakonda American Legion Auxiliary held their regular meeting on Jan. 8, at 10 a.m. at the Wakonda Heritage Manor.�We discussed the Christmas boxes that we put together and delivered to shut-ins in Dec.� We did not get a group that wanted to go on the mystery trip which turned out to be a trip to the Nora Store to sing Christmas carols.�We will try again to find something fun to do together.

New items discussed included doing a thank you chili feed for our Wakonda emergency personnel. We have offered to do a chili feed some night before their meeting.

We also have an interest in seeing a sign put in the Union Cemetery which would include a map of the cemetery. It is felt that those not familiar with the cemetery have a very difficult time finding the lot they may be looking for.

New items of discussion were to try to increase our membership. The Legion is an excellent organization with very dedicated members who give countless hours of their time in hospitals and nursing homes and working with children and anything they can do to participate in community building.

Our membership like most organizations is graying. We need somehow to convince our younger people to participate in making their communities a better place to live. �

If you are interested in joining, we will be offering a free year�s membership to the Wakonda American Legion Auxiliary.�See any member, come to our next meeting on Feb. 5 at 10 a.m. in the Heritage Manor or call Ruth Williams at 267-2678.

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