FCCLA members present tabs

FCCLA members present tabs Between the B and A girls' basketball games on Friday, Dec. 17 Bethany Parvin, Wakonda FCCLA president, along with members Jeanie Stockland and Josh Wagner, presented 98 pounds of beverage can tabs to Tom and Lexie Logue.

The money from the tabs will be used by the Logue family to help cover lodging expenses in Rochester, MN, while the Logues' youngest daughter recovers from kidney transplant surgery.

The majority of the tabs were collected by the elementary students over the past two months. As an incentive to collect the tabs, the FCCLA chapter is holding Pop Tab Wars between the elementary classes in Wakonda. The class that collects the most tabs each semester will earn a pizza party, compliments of the FCCLA chapter.

According to information on the Ronald McDonald House Web site, there are 1,267 tabs in a pound. Based on that figure, the students have collected approximately 124,116 tabs.

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