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To the editor:

I had the privilege of helping at the Banquet in Yankton recently. Much to my surprise even though the temperature was well below zero, 201 meals were served.

Some guests walked, others caught a ride with friends and all appreciated the good hot meal. They come for the hot meal, but they have also developed friendships along the way.

Thursday nights have become special to our guests, as well as the groups serving the meal. There are smiles and warm hearts throughout the room.

The Banquet served 13,241 meals in 2004 by the many volunteer groups that have so generously given of their time to bring food to prepare and serve. Our hats are off to you for a job well done for without you the Banquet could not be.

There is a real need in Yankton for this service and now the decision has been made to expand the Banquet meals to include an evening meal to be served on the first Tuesday of each month. This will create an opportunity for more groups to be involved in this mission. The first Tuesday meal will be served on Feb. 1 and the Thursday meals will continue as before.

If you would like more information about the Banquet or to sign up for serving, please call Laura Brown at 665-7199.

Sandy Milroy


Staying put

To the editor:

In response to Randy Dockendorf's article "Investor Group Proposes Vermillion City Hall Plan," Jan. 19, I want to clarify Bank of the West's position regarding our Vermillion building.

We view the proposal described as an opportunity for the bank to help the city acquire a new location for the city hall while allowing Bank of the West to develop a new facility in Vermillion.

Through many mergers and acquisitions, our bank has been a part of this community for over 100 years. We plan to continue serving this community for years to come. Bank of the West is focused on serving our clients' personal and business banking, investment, and insurance needs.

Our current building has been our home for over 20 years, and if it were to serve that purpose for another 20, Bank of the West is content.

Rest assured we are not leaving!

Eric Wiltrout

Branch manager

Bank of the West


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