Letters Long path

To the editor:

Bob F. Karolevitz's 'reminiscence' of Amos n' Andy elicited many responses from my wife and I, both native Southerners. Unfortunately, every one involved either a wince or a gag reflex.

We may be dismissed out of hand by Mr. Karolevitz and his like were we to bring up the 'politically incorrectness' that ruled that and subsequent days; poll taxes, Jim Crow, the injustices of 'separate but equal,' systemic segregation, institutionalized racism, the Scottsboro Boys, voter disenfranchisement, the rise of the Klan and � for all intents and purposes � blacks being excluded from popular entertainment save minstrelese or vaudeville sideshows. Sorry to be sensitive in my 'political correctness.'

In no more certain terms can Mr. Karolevitz's opinion piece illustrate the very long path that many South Dakotans have yet to travel before they come to peace with their own troubled (and troubling) racial past. The lessons of Bull Connor's dogs, the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Bloody Sunday, Rosa Parks, A Letter from the Birmingham Jail, the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing and the Selma-to-Montgomery March, stand to correct those who would become doe-eyed over the prospects of those 'better' times.

Mercifully, in the South we mostly are attempting to work beyond our sorrowful legacy. How about you?


Erik and Amy



Kudos To the editor:

Kudos to the city gang that got the streets passable after icy rain; passable after snow; then blowing snow, and they still got the snow hauled away so quickly.

Kudos also to their wonderful wives who got them up, and fixed them a hot breakfast before they went to work for their graveyard shift duty.


M. Evans


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