Letters Cheap idea

To the editor:

Strangely enough, perhaps Alan Aker has an idea. Maybe we should apply the business model of capitalism to our social institution of public education. As he put it, let's think of our teachers as high octane gas or prescription drugs. The cheaper the better.

Perhaps in the spirit of Wal-Mart, we could ship our children off to Asia where they could be educated for a mere 50 cents per day. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Brian Begley


Grow up, Mr. Hoeck

To the editor:

I read with considerable interest the letter by Jeremy Hoeck in the Argus Leader on Monday, Jan. 3. This young man has a considerable ways to go in life and the sooner he gets rid of that short-sighted attitude of his, the better off he will be.

While he is certainly entitled to his opinion, he has missed the mark completely with regard to SDSU going to Division 1. It's that same defeatist mentality that so many South Dakotans bring to the people that keeps South Dakota from moving forward like other states. We are at or near the bottom in far too many categories. South Dakota was the LAST STATE IN THE UNION to have an athletic program go Division 1. Finally, someone had the guts to explore the possibilities of expanding our horizons. On the other hand, those who pushed for this move had to contend with the short-sightedness of people like Jeremy Hoeck. If we are content with what and who we are, we will get absolutely nowhere. The move by SDSU was long overdue and I personally commend Dr. Miller and Fred Oien for their efforts. SDSU can be darn proud of what they set out to do and they will succeed. The university will grow and will probably leave USD wondering what happened. When SDSU made the decision to go for it, they knew in advance what would happen. They knew they would have struggles. They knew they would lose more than they win and they knew they would get whipped up on pretty bad ? and they are.

However, the girls' basketball and volleyball teams are impressive against their Division 1 opponents. I don't hear Mr. Hoeck saying he is "laughing uncontrollably" about that.

The men's program faced some awesome competition from major conferences. Keep in mind that SDSU is a young team with many of them being freshmen and sophomores going up against long established Division 1 schools. What does Mr. Hoeck expect?

Mr. Hoeck, I will tell you this. Give SDSU another few years to play at this level. No, they will never be like UCLA, USC or Michigan State but they have the potential to be a mid-major power in Division 1 athletics. The day is coming when they will win more than they lose.

When that happens, I would love to see and I do mean I would love to see USD challenge SDSU or accept a challenge from SDSU in basketball or football. It won't even be a contest if that were to happen. If it is football, the Jacks will send the Coyotes yipping like whipped pups. If it's basketball, the Coyotes may not want to take the floor in the second half.

Put it another way. In a few years, the Coyotes will be to SDSU what SDSU today is to Butler, Marquette, UW or whatever.

Research this, Mr. Hoeck. Tiny Gonzaga University in Washington has a total enrollment of under 4,000 students. That's not a whole lot different than NSU in Aberdeen or USD in Vermillion. However, you continually see them in the trek to the Final Four of the NCAA.

I watched them whip the really big schools more than once. They have a solid program in place. Now then, do you think they whipped Missouri the first time they played them as a Division 1 school? Maybe not, but they darn near did it last week. One needs to grow. One needs to walk before you can run. Apparently Mr. Hoeck is too short on life's experiences to realize that. Someday he will.

Jeremy, get rid of your short-sighted attitude and be proud of the Jacks for having the courage to step forward. I don't see the Coyotes doing it. Perhaps they know from recent history in their athletics that they would never make it under any circumstances. How many losing seasons have the Coyotes had before finally winning some games this year? ? and Mr. Hoeck is "laughing uncontrollably" at the Jacks. Grow up, Mr. Hoeck. Gimme a break.

Clarence Mardian

Sioux Falls

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