Local men share breakfast in Iraq

Local men share breakfast in Iraq By Ashley Anderson Tom Paulson, the Wakonda fifth grade teacher that was sent to Iraq to serve, sends an e-mail to staff members at the school regularly, just to tell us that things are going ok.

This Christmas, Paulson had the privilege of seeing a very familiar face � John Lindblom.

"As I walked through the door of Chow Hall I heard a loud and excited Mr. Paulson!" Lindblom wrote in an e-mail.

As they sat together to eat breakfast they had a chance to visit and catch up on things. On Christmas day, Paulson stopped to see how Lindblom was doing and decided to take the picture with the camel.

Paulson will be moving to Kuwait in a few days as part of an advance party to get everything in order for the main body to travel down. They will also be meeting a replacement unit from Iowa.

Lindblom will be leaving Iraq soon and should actually arrive in the United States a week or two before Paulson returns home.

They should both be back in South Dakota and dismissed on Feb. 28 if everything goes as planned.

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