Wakonda defeated by Scotland Highlanders 43-52

Wakonda defeated by Scotland Highlanders 43-52 By Ally Eckert The Scotland Highland-ers may have step- danced their way to victory but the Warriorettes didn't go down without a fight.

The Highlanders traveled to Wakonda on Jan. 3. The final score was 43-52 in varsity play.

The Warriorettes played a tough first quarter, outscoring the Highlanders by four points.

Wakonda began to lose control of the game during the the second and third quarters, however.

The Warriorettes were leading in the beginning of the second by six points but their energy wore off a little and Scotland pulled ahead.

Wakonda came back in the fourth quarter, but the two previous quarters led the Highlanders to victory.

The top scorer was Tiffany Ganschow with a total of 11 points, followed by Meghan Martz with 10. Ganschow also led in rebounds with 10. Ashley Anderson brought in eight rebounds.

Anderson stole the ball back from Scotland four times, and Martz made three steals. Anderson and Martz also led in assists with two each.

In JV play, Wakonda didn't do as well, with a final score of 17-36. Wakonda was led by Casey Hessman with eight points and Kelli Johnston with seven points.

Hessman also led the steals with four followed by Katie Sokolowski with three. Hessman finished with two assists and four rebounds. Emily Gan-schow, Brittany Rede-rick, and Sokolowski all had three rebounds.

The Warriorettes will take on the Centerville Tornadoes on Friday, Jan. 7.

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