Wakonda JV team wins Irene Tournament

Wakonda JV team wins Irene Tournament By Amber Skjonsberg The Wakonda JV boy's basketball team showed their talents at the Irene JV Tournament Saturday, Jan. 8, by defeating all three teams and bringing home the first place trophy.

The final score for the first game was JV Warriors 35 and Oldham-Romona-Ruthland 29. Adam Polley and Bo Martz stole the spotlight of this first game. Polley was the high scorer with 16 points and eight rebounds.

Martz wasn't far behind with a total of eight points, five total rebounds, and five assists. Junior Rob Gregoire was able to get four individual steals out of the team's eight total.

The second game was played against Bridgewater giving the Warriors a second victory. Again Polley led the team with 11 points followed closely by Tyler Knudson with nine points. Knudson also had eight rebounds but was still behind Polley with nine rebounds and four assists. The Warriors scored 31 while Bridgewater had 23.

The final game of the tournament, the Warriors played against Freeman Academy beating them by only five points. There was a tie for top scorer between Knudson and Martz, both scoring eight points. Both Knudson and Polley pulled down eight rebounds.

Gregoire stole the ball three times to add to the Bobcats' turnovers, while Mitch Hessman led with three assists. The final score was 25-20.

With the JV Warriors winning behind great leaders during the first two games the last game proved that the tournament could not have been won without a great amount of teamwork.

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