Ying Wang is Employee of Year

Ying Wang is Employee of Year Ying Wang was selected Employee of the year for 2004 at SESDAC., Inc.

Wang was born in Guang Zhou, China, and received her bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from the National University of Broadcasting in China. She began working at SESDAC, Inc. as a community supports instructor in August of 2001.

In nominating Wang for Employee of the year, her co-workers said:

"Ying is always ready and willing to be of assistance, she is a team player and has respect for her fellow employees."

"Ying puts so much heart and soul into what she does and always offers teaching moments to the people we support, which increases their independence."

"She explains in detail how people can best appreciate the support they need and always does it with a smile and cheerful attitude."

"Ying is a joy to be around and is a positive influence to everyone."

Wang said the best thing about SESDAC, Inc., is getting to make a living by helping people in need.

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