2005 spring turkey seasons set with more licenses

2005 spring turkey seasons set with more licenses By Chad Morrow The spring prairie turkey licenses available this season will increase from 5,757 available in 2004 to 6,803 licenses for 2005. The Game, Fish and Parks Commission recently set the season for April 9 through May 15. Black Hills licenses are again unlimited in number and each person may receive one license.

Spring prairie turkey licenses have also been increased in Clay and Union counties for upcoming 2005 season. Licenses in Clay County have been increased from 52 total licenses in 2004 to 80 total licenses available for 2005. Licenses in Union County have been increased from 72 total licenses in 2004 to 92 total licenses available for 2005.

Many factors are taken into account by conservation officers and regional game managers when tag numbers are adjusted. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, hunter success rates, number of birds harvested, number of days hunted, hunter satisfaction and number of applicants.

Most of this data is gathered through harvest survey report cards sent out following each hunting season. The harvest report cards include questions asking hunters to report details of their hunt. A statistical procedure is used to randomly select a limited number of hunters to receive a survey card.

Returning these harvest survey cards is very important because it helps conservation officers and biologists determine proper management objectives as well as allows hunters to take an active part in managing South Dakota�s wildlife.

For more information on the Spring turkey seasons or to apply for a license you can visit the Game, Fish and Parks Web site at www.state. sd.us/gfp/. As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns about upcoming seasons, regulations, etc, please don�t hesitate to give me a call at (605) 677-6950.

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