Clubs Lodge installs new officers

Lillehammer Lodge 6-133 met on Jan. 15 at 2 p.m. at Christ the King Church, with 30 persons signing the register, including 17 officers. No guests were present. Singing of the national anthems of Norway and the United States, and pledge of allegiance to our flag preceded the business meeting. Musician Phyllis Nielsen accompanied the singing in both English and Norwegian of Vi er et Folk. The secretary's December report was read, with one correction: Ardyth Jones' name was to have been included in the listing of persons who were ill. Correction will be made in the January minutes. The financial report was not completed, so will be presented at the February meeting. Communications received were thanks for helping to serve the Yankton area Banquet. Our new yearbooks are not yet ready, so for now the previous committees will stand. There was very little response about plans for a lutefisk supper, but there was considerable discussion about a possible bake sale and/or soup supper as a fund raiser. A motion was made, seconded and passed to discuss at the next meeting. A motion was made, seconded and passed to change our by-laws so the financial secretary position would become a membership position. A motion was made, seconded and passed to change the positions of inner and outer guards to greeters. A letter will go out to the members regarding these items as required and a final vote will be taken at the February meeting. Much discussion followed about retaining the present plan of serving committees or changing the plan. The decision was tabled until our next meeting. No decisive information is available on plans for a 2005 Taste of Yankton observance. Mardell Antes is to be the new collector of cancelled stamps, as Marie Oien has withdrawn. Dick Munkvold gave us suggestions of places available to increase our supply of such stamps and encouraged members to be alert to these. Travel Rep Vi Ranney presented options for traveling on one day nearby trips, also to Europe, to the Ukraine, and one for the 61st anniversary of the landing at Normandy. Marlys List presented our group with a flag of Norway that had been given to her by Audrey Lubbers of Yankton. This flag was a gift to the Lubbers from a native of Norway who had been a college friend of the son of Lubbers. The reverse side showed the flag of Denmark. Earl Reese officiated at the installation of 2005 officers: President Carol Broderson; counselor Earl Reese; secretary Nellie Nielsen; treasurer Gene Iverson; social director Jean Silvey; social co-director Sylvia Hagen; marshall John Grindvald; assistant marshall Don Frasch; greeters Arnold and Twila Anderson; musician Phyllis Nielsen; trustees Wayne Knutson, Brooks Ranney, Carol Nordby; historians Richard and June Munkvold; foundation director Gib Mjoen; travel rep Vi Ranney; auditors Gib Mjoen and Don Frasch; dance directors Don and JoAnn Frasch. Our next meeting will be on Feb. 19 at 2 p.m., with a program by Greta Botegaard, a weaver. She is presently living in Volin, but is a citizen of Norway. The meeting was declared closed, and for a program, Jean Silvey read a collection of poems she had written. We sang birthday greetings to Richard Munkvold and Brooks Ranney. Arnold Anderson led us in the Norwegian table prayer, followed by lunch. Helen Severson, acting secretary

Mardi Gras celebration held

Catholic Daughters of the Americas celebrated a Mardi Gras dance at the St. Agnes School Auditorium Feb. 5.

Dennis and Beth Johnson received the honor of being named "King and Queen of the Mardi Gras 2005."

Immediate Past King Jere Chapman crowned the new king, Jan Chapman presented a festive bouquet of flowers to the new queen.

Following the crowning, a grand march was held.

It was the 15th year of the celebration. All former kings and queens were honored.

Those present for the festivities were Virginia Johnson, Jean Mockler, Agnes Mockler, Leone Kryger, Delores Gregg, Lucille O'Connor, John Lynch, Quentin Olesen and Jere Chapman.

The festive evening was spent dancing to the music of Kenny Carlow Band, Bloomfield, NE, wearing of the beads of merriment. Several door prizes were donated by Vermillion merchants.

A bountiful lunch was served by Linda Sorensen and her committee.

Mary Geffre Johnson, chairman of the event, stated it was a time for parish members and the Vermillion community to come together and enjoy each other. Couples from Sioux Falls and Yankton were also in attendance.

Mardi Gras is a colorful celebration held before Lent begins. The date of Mardi Gras depends on the date of Easter. French colonists introduced Mardi Gras in America in 1766. The custom became popular in New Orleans and southern states and spread northward.

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