Clubs 4-H'ers tour local bakery

The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H club met at Jones' Food Center on Tuesday, Jan. 11. Monica Iverson gave the group a tour of the bakery followed by letting everyone decorate a cupcake. Everyone had a great time!

After the bakery tour the group went to the 4-H Center kitchen for a short meeting. Austin Krier led the Pledge of Allegiance. Ellen Hanson led the 4-H pledge. The roll call topic was to tell what you favorite Christmas gift was.

Austin Krier gave a short secretary's report. Sarah Anderson gave the treasurer's report.

Old business: Everyone was asked if they got the e-mail regarding the upcoming University of South Dakota basketball game. Everyone said yes.

Austin Krier volunteered to e-mail SPC Chris Barondeau, who is over in Iraq, in January.

A thank you was given to those who helped ring bells for the Salvation Army in December. Everyone said they enjoyed it even though it was cold.

Thank you letters were read and passed around from the people at SESDAC that received gifts from our 4-H members in December.

New business: A thank you was given for all the school supplies that were brought to the meeting. They will be given to the kindergarten classes at Austin school. A new list of school supplies was handed out for the February Community Service � first-graders at Austin School.

Everyone signed a thank you that will be mailed to Monica Iverson for the bakery tour.

Sarah Rosacker introduced herself. This was the first meeting she attended. She was welcomed to the group.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ellen Hanson; Sarah Anderson seconded it.

Jacob Krier gave a demonstration, "How to sew on a button." Everyone was given a piece of fabric, needle and thread and then they practiced sewing on a button.

Austin Krier presented a judging school on photography, pictures of baseball babies.

Jacob and Austin Krier provided refreshments.

Pictures were taken of club members holding school supplies and holding the box of cookies, which were made by William Mart's family, for the winner of the Cookies for a Year from the Saint Agnes School Autumn Classic.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 8 at the 4-H Center kitchen. Emily Holoch will give a demonstration. Ellen Hanson will present a judging school.

The Community Service project will be school supplies for first-graders at Austin School. The 4-H'ers will make valentines for people who reside at Town Square Apartments.

Remember Feb. 26th, those who can come, are going to Yankton to Lone Tree Pottery to do a pottery activity.

Ellen Hanson


Law student provides Rotary program

The Vermillion Rotarians, with President Kent Scribner presiding, met Tuesday, Jan. 11 for our weekly lunch at the Neuharth Center. Guests today were Sharlene Sansbury and Assad Barari.

Perhaps because of the busyness of the holiday season we found ourselves without a program planned well in advance and, then, a rather suddenly arranged program also fell through because the speaker became ill.

What to do? Barry Vickrey, past president of Rotary and, otherwise, a man of some clout, came to the rescue by giving a law student in his class an offer he couldn�t refuse: come to Rotary, on super short notice, and tell us about something. And make it good. And so it came to pass that Kwaku Agyeman, a second year law student at USD but originally from Ghana, told us something of his homeland in West Africa.

As it happens Ghana is host to various Rotary International activities, was the first country in the world to welcome Peace Corps volunteers in 1965, has enjoyed democratic rule for most, if not all, of the time period since (in 1957) it freed itself from British rule, has very nice beaches worth a visit especially at this time of year), and an enormous beer can be purchased there for less than a dollar.

Originally named (by the British) the Gold Coast, for the obvious reason, and colonized by the British for the same obvious reason, Ghana is now better known for Kofi Annan, secretary general of the U.N., and for cocoa exports that help keep our weight up. (The Native Americans taught us about tobacco. There is a kind of justice or payback in developments in the wider world.)

Were we to look for some African country to get to know something about and follow developments in, Ghana is nearly perfect. English is the official language so we can read many of their newspapers. They hold elections at four year intervals � obviously the sensible interval for such things � and the main elections fall in December and are (currently) scheduled for the same years as the main U.S. elections.

So as we look over whatever electoral boondoggle we have produced we can keep an eye out for how well Ghana is doing with its politics. I�m guessing in this last election they did ? never mind.

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