Daffodil Days are March 7-12

Daffodil Days are March 7-12 Daffodil Days are coming March 7-12. Daffodil Days is a celebration of renewed hope and the coming of spring. Freshly cut daffodils (10 in a bunch), the American Cancer Society's symbol of hope, will be available to businesses and individuals to offer their employees, clients and friends.

These flowers are grown in the coastal are of Mount Vernon, WA, where soil and climate conditions mimic those of Holland's farm country. You will receive the yellow Dutch Master variety of daffodils featuring long sturdy stems (12 to 14 inches) with huge trumpets. Your daffodils will arrive in the "tight bud" stage ready to reach full bloom in your home or office after several hours in water.

Daffodil Days raises millions of dollars nationwide to support cancer research, education, advocacy and services. Your gift will not only brighten up your or someone else's day, but will be used directly to support cancer control efforts in your community.

You may order a bouquet for $7 or as many bouquets as you wish by calling Marlene Amundsen, chairman at 624-4115. All orders are to be prepaid. Flowers will be delivered the week of March 7 to the office/address indicated. All daffodils must be ordered by Feb. 11, and we are anxious to deliver a bouquet to you or anyone you want to have a bouquet.

In 1990, cancer death rates started to decline for the first time in history. Although more people are developing cancer each year, more are surviving. An estimated 8.4 million Americans are alive today that have a history of cancer. In addition, we know that lifestyle factors such as not smoking, eating right, and avoiding sun overexposure could prevent tens of thousands of cancer every year.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society, call 1-800-ASC-2345 or visit the Web site at www.cancer.org.

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