District governor Lyle Swenson visits Vermillion Lions

District governor Lyle Swenson visits Vermillion Lions President Barbara Campbell opened the Feb. 17 Lions meeting and requested the introduction of two Vermillion guests � Lion Gloria Christopherson introduced Tammy Hauger and Lion Randy Sullivan introduced Lindy Wipf.

Barbara announced the annual American Cancer Society Finish Line event at the Dome on Feb. 20, the Lions Zone Meeting at Elk Point on Feb. 21, and the availability of the Lions Mobile Screening Unit for spring pancake days (April 13-14).

On behalf of the Vermillion Lions, she extended thanks to Lion Tom Thaden for reworking the meeting badges, to Lions Ron Thaden and Marion Kryger for constructing a sidewalk sign announcing the meetings, to Lion Jacquie Lonning for her work on the new pancake days placemat design, to Lion Marion for revamping the badge box, and to Lions Marion and Carl Carlson for making guards for the two pancake grills. Lion Jack Doyle reported a successful Feb. 10 Member Appreciation Day at the Clay-Union Facility with 728 people in attendance.

Barbara introduced District 5-SE Gov. Lyle Swenson and his wife Irene from Mitchell. Lyle joined the Mitchell Lions club in 1964 with continuous Lion membership for 40 years (34 years of perfect attendance). He served on many Lions committees and was elected District 5-SE Governor in 2004. Lion Lyle presided over the induction ceremony for two new Lions Members � Maxine Johnson sponsored by Allen Johnson and Dick Stensass sponsored by David Stockland.

He emphasized to the new members that the International Association of Lions Clubs is the largest service group in the world (1.4 million members) and that clubs are present in 192 countries and geographic areas. Clubs are indeed involved in many service activities that benefit communities.

and an activities review will reveal that no one else would have carried out many of these projects.

An ornate Lions pin from Michigan donated to the Vermillion Club by Lion Lyle was auctioned off to members by Lion Mick Breske � the highest bid was from Lion Bijay Naik.

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