Electronic tax filing is speedy solution

Electronic tax filing is speedy solution Electronic filing offers a speedy solution to the paper return log jam at the Internal Revenue Service, according to H & R Block.

An electronically filed return will arrive at the IRS within a matter of hours. Because no additional clerical work or data entry is necessary, electronically filed returns are processed more quickly. The result is that taxpayers will get their refund amounts faster.

Taxpayers filing returns electronically can have the IRS deposit their refunds directly into their bank accounts or receive a traditional paper check through the mail. Taxpayers also may apply for a refund anticipation loan from a bank and receive money within a few days. Whichever option is chosen, the turnaround time for electronically filed returns � from a few days for refund anticipation loans to a few weeks for IRS direct deposit ��is considerably faster than the traditional six-to-eight week waiting period.

Taxpayers who owe the IRS money can also benefit from electronic filing.

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