Governor’s proclamation honors Warren and Lillian Kuhler

Governor's proclamation honors Warren and Lillian Kuhler Gov. Mike Rounds, through executive proclamation, will honor Lillian and Warren Kuhler.

The proclamation reads:

Whereas, Warren and Lillian Kuhler exchanged their wedding vows on February 14, 1945, in Fargo, North Dakota, at the American Lutheran Church, promising to share their lives and love together for the rest of their days; and,

Whereas, Warren and Lillian gave life and love to three children, George, Margaret and Karen, who blessed them with six grandchildren; and,

Whereas, The newly-wed couple of 60 years ago has been replaced by two devoted partners who have shared life's beauty and sorrow, and have grown to love one another more because of their common journey; and,

Whereas, Lillian has retired from the Pioneer Memorial Hospital at Viborg, South Dakota, as a certified registered nurse anesthetist and Warren has retired as C.E.O. of Pioneer Memorial Hospital. Both are active supporters of the Wakonda Community Club, Wakonda Public Schools, the Wakonda Nursing Home and the Wakonda United Methodist Church; and,

Whereas, Through their lifelong dedication to the values of caring and sharing, Warren and Lillian have helped make South Dakota a great place to live and work; and,

Whereas, An open house will be held in their honor on Feb. 20, 2005, at the McMahon Center in Wakonda to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a devoted couple who has shared life's beauty and sorrow and grown to love one another more because of their common journey; and,

Whereas, It is altogether fitting and proper that the Governor of South Dakota recognizes and commemorates the memorable milestones in the lives of the state's outstanding citizens:

Now, Therefore, I, M. Michael Rounds, governor of the state of South Dakota, do hereby proclaim Feb. 14, 2005, as Warren and Lillian Kuhler Day in South Dakota, and I join with the honored couple's family and friends in wishing them continued health and happiness in a state that stands prouder today because of their contributions and commitment.

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