Influenza is impacting the local blood supply

Influenza is impacting the local blood supply With the influenza outbreaks, the Siouxland Community Blood Bank is asking for everyone with all blood types to donate blood as soon as possible to help replenish the supply. Many donors have not been able to donate over the past week or two due to the outbreak.

"Due to many of our donors unable to donate due to the flu and cold season and with the ongoing demand for blood products, we need to keep up with the supply and demand to our area service hospitals. The blood supply needs to be replenished and we are asking for your help," said Janette Twait, CEO for the Siouxland Community Blood Bank.

Donations can be made in Sioux City, IA at 1019 Jones Street or at a community blood drive in your area. Schedules for community blood drives are listed on

People may also contact the blood bank by calling (712) 252-4208 or 800-798-4208.

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