Love and Anger goes over time but actors receive accolades

Love and Anger goes over time but actors receive accolades What do you get when you add a schizophrenic girl, a deranged lawyer, a wife whose husband's in jail and a nervous secretary? What you get is one big mess.

We'll start off with a brief summary of the one act play Love and Anger.

Peter "Petie" Maxwell, played by Patrick Morrison, is a lawyer who has just been through a stroke and lost some of his brain. However, he thinks he's been "reborn" and begins to go insane. He leaves the law firm and tries to over-throw the government from his slummy law office. There he causes trouble for Gail Jones, played by Jeanie Stockland, whose husband just got sent to prison. Maxwell beings to get him out when John a.k.a "Babe" Conner, played by Andy Jensen, gets involved in the mix.

Apparently, Maxwell has been threatening him to shut down his paper. Conner turns to Maxwell's ex-partner, Seana Harris, played by Katie Sokolowski, for legal advice. Soon, Maxwell involves his secretary, Eleanor Downey, played by Courtney Nelson, and her schizophrenic sister, Sarah, played by Adrianne Logue, in on the escapade.

To make a long story short, Petie ends up dying of a stroke and with him brings the demise of his plans.

The one act competition was a disappointment, going over the time limit by mere seconds. On the other hand, the cast received nothing but good remarks from the judges and Katie and Patrick even came away with outstanding actor and actress awards. Perhaps there might be a state title down the road.

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