SDPB’s Pathways comes to primetime

SDPB's Pathways comes to primetime SDPB Television's Emmy Award-winning program Dakota Pathways: A History will air in primetime, featuring two brand new segments, on Feb. 10, 8 p.m.

The program, which normally airs on Monday and Friday at 2:15 p.m., is a unique series aimed at fourth-grade history students that allows children and their families to consider South Dakota history from a new perspective.

The first segment, Water and Dust, looks at the role water and drought played in the history of the state. History and Legend explores history through myths and the colorful characters like Wild Bill Hickock and Hugh Glass that played a role in forming our "image" of what really happened. The relationship between the Lakota and Dakota peoples and the bison, as well as the effects of slaughter of the bison by white settlers, is the focus of People of the Bison. Finally, Headlines and Bulletins uses newspaper headlines, radio and television from the past to show how the media have played a major role in keeping the people informed (and entertained) since territorial days.

Dakota Pathways: A History also has an extensive educational component online, found at In addition to viewing each episode online, students can find further information on each episode topic, activities, and related links, and educators can access a teacher's guide.

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