Students participate in sleep habit study

Students participate in sleep habit study By Amber Skjonsberg Besides being overly tired because of homework, sports, other responsibilities there could be another reason why you can't seem to get your kids up in the morning.

Twenty-one Wakonda High School students participated in a questionnaire about their sleep habits. Nine out of the 21 students stay up until 12 or even 1 in the morning getting homework done. With at least two classes having homework every night, it's often difficult for students to get done in time for a good night's sleep.

It's not only the homework that plays a role in students' lack of sleep, sports and other extra-circular activities seem to keep students from their sleep. Most sports games start at 6:30 and end around 9, so when do they really have time to do their homework and get a good night's rest?

Being a good student and showing pride for your school at a game can put a lot of pressure on a kid but they also have their own responsibilities around the house. Many students have their own list of chores at home to do before they're able to go to the game or start their homework.

According to the questionnaire a good number of them said they stay up late at night to have time by themselves. They stay up later just to watch TV, read a book, or to talk to their friends on MSN.

Yes, high school students have a lot to do, but if they had the chance to go to bed early would they?

According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, after a child hits puberty the melatonin that is released into their body to make one sleepy at night is released about a half an hour later than in early adolescence. When this happens, the sleep-wake cycle changes, making it harder to go to bed early enough to wake up without being tired for school.

So the next time your kids are staying up late at night you know it's not entirely their fault.

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