USD business professor publishes two books

USD business professor publishes two books Do you ever wish you had been the guy who invented Velcro?�Would you like to be the next person to profit from an idea that could change life as we know it?

Dr. Bob Tosterud and his students may be able to help. Tosterud recently published two books full of ideas about how to get ahead in the business world, Almost 500! Million-Dollar Ideas for $9.95 Volume III and Achieving Business Excellence: Case studies of ABEX award winners in South Dakota.

"A necessary condition for any business startup is a good idea," Tosterud said.

To create the Almost 500! series, students in his entrepreneurship class are required twice a week to bring in ideas for class discussion. These ideas are handed in as homework and become potential fare for the books. Tosterud and his wife sift through roughly 1,000 ideas submitted from each class cycle, and make selections.

He noted that with any large volume of ideas generated, there are always a few valuable ones in the mix.

Highlights include sugges-tions such as "a defroster for the side windows of vehicles?" and "caffeine patches" similar to nicotine patches.

Achieving Business Excellence: Case studies of ABEX award winners in South Dakota details some of the good things happening in the business world in South Dakota. The ABEX award, short for Achievement in Business Excellence, recognizes companies for excellence in various areas such as "New and Improved Marketing and Youth Retention." This book was also written with the help of students, both graduate and undergraduate, as well as several members of the educational community.

Tosterud intends to use these case studies as positive examples of business practices in his classes. He feels it is important to emphasize successful businesses in South Dakota rather than focus on large corporations far from the state.

"We want to brag up what we are doing in South Dakota. So instead of reading about Microsoft, the students will read about Daktronics," Tosterud said.

Each book is available for $10. As in the past, all proceeds go toward entrepreneurship sc holarships at The University of South Dakota School of Business.

Tosterud said that a few years ago it was difficult to get students to participate in bringing their ideas to the table but now it is a growing phenomenon not completely in his control.

"In the beginning, getting students to talk about their ideas was like pulling teeth," he said. "Nobody wanted to talk about their ideas. Now I can't get them to shut up about them. We have a lot of fun with it."

For more information about these books, contact Tosterud at btosteru@usd. edu, or call him at 677-5565.

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