Wakonda Community Club discusses several projects

Wakonda Community Club discusses several projects The Wakonda Community Club, at their regular monthly meeting on Feb. 2, were presented with several items for discussion.

The possibility of promoting and sponsoring a front page item of weekly coming events for the Wakonda Times was discussed. Special emphasis on scheduled school activities and community events would be the reason for the project.

Details of cost, responsibility � not only during the school year, but especially during the summer � are some of the questions being dealt with.

The club has been requested to consider the possibility of helping with the March fund-raising television appeal by South Dakota Public Broadcasting. More details are being sought prior to commitment.

Another idea that was brought for consideration was some sort of a "truck garden" project that would involve local youth. The raising of garden produce and having it on sale in Wakonda might have some merit.

Some thoughts presented were: use of some vacant lots, youth involved in a community and worthwhile activity, and the possibility of generating a bit more interest in the town on a regularly scheduled basis.

All of the above projects are in the "studying or deliberating" phase with the greatest concern, as always being finding responsible and willing people to do the initiating and carrying out of the projects.

The Community Club offers congratulations to the Wakonda High School basketball team and its coaches for winning the Tri Valley Tournament on Jan. 29 at Centerville.

Club membership for the current year is reported at well over the half way mark and much appreciation is given to all those who have responded and are working on the membership drive.

Club members were reminded of the annual fund raising events: bake sale, lunch, and white elephant sale to be held on March 26.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Club is Wednesday, March 2.

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