Wakonda High School sophomores chosen as leaders

Wakonda High School sophomores chosen as leaders By Bethany Parvin Two Wakonda sophomores were chosen to represent their class at two distinguished academic and leadership events.

Mitchell Hessman was chosen to attend the Governor's Leadership Luncheon in Pierre and Andrew Jensen was chosen for the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award (HOBY).

The fifth annual Governor's Leadership Luncheon will be held Saturday, May 14 on the USD campus. This luncheon was uniquely designed to honor and inspire the area's most outstanding and distinguished sophomores.

Hessman was chosen based on his grades; however, this year the grades were comparable in the class. Hessman wrote a short essay highlighting the leadership roles he has experienced in extra curricular activities.

The HOBY Youth Leadership Dinner will be conducted between mid-March and mid-June. HOBY's mission is to seek out, recognize and develop leadership potential commencing with high school sophomores.

Wakonda School's HOBY selection committee based its decision on Jensen's leadership ability, sensitivity to others, and the desire to communicate knowledge to his peers.

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