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Clubs and Organizations Rotary learns of growing water demand

As members of the Vermillion Rotary Club listened to their noon luncheon meeting speaker Tuesday at the Al Neuharth Media Center, they learned to not take the refreshing pitchers of ice water served at every table for granted. Dragan Filipovic, a state hydrologist from Vermillion, made it clear that there is a limited supply of fresh water in the world. Ninety seven percent of the planet's water is salt water in the oceans. Of the 3 percent of fresh water on the planet, 2 percent is ice. That leaves just one percent to sustain human, animal and plant life. "We cannot use more water than we have," he said, "and those limitations are really a concern." The United States leads the world in water consumption, averaging 1,300 gallons of water per day per person. That includes water for drinking, household use and industrial use. Agriculture and other industries are both heavy water consumers. "The U.S. uses 1,000 gallons of water for the production of one eight ounce steak," Filipovic said. The U.S. also leads in pollution of ground water and surface areas. The sources of the pollution have varied over the years. A problem that cropped up in recent years was the abandonment of gas stations and their underground fuel tanks. Filipovic also said recent closings of military bases also left behind underground fuel tanks that eventually corroded and polluted ground water. Steps have been taken to remove those tanks. In South Dakota, one of the major concerns is agriculture's effect on groundwater supplies. Test samples are taken frequently from monitoring wells to make sure excessive amounts of pesticides, nitrogen and other chemicals used in modern farming don't begin to reach excessive amounts. "We keep working to get a better knowlege of hydrology, Filipovic said. "It's so important, because without water, we cannot exist." Guests Tuesday were Vermillion High School seniors Sarah Plate and Matt Preszler, Shelly Preszler of SESDAC, and Dr. Violeta Vasilevska.

Auxiliary holds busy meeting

The regular meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 was held Tuesday evening March 15, with President Elizabeth Fiedler presiding. Roll call of officers was taken and recorded. Chaplain Opal Smith offered the opening prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting were read an approved. Treasurer's report was filed subject to audit. Invoices were presented and paid. Correspondence includes General Order #5, Nancy's Notes from state auxiliary president, forms for state convention to be held in Yankton on June 16, 17, 18, and 19 and a thank you letter from the Human Services Center at Yankton for puzzles given to them. Committee reports were given on Membership, Bingo Playing at Nursing Home, Hospice, Get Well and Sympathy cards mailed, and Hospital Equipment on Loan. Delegates and Alternates to the spring meeting on April 17 at Elk Point, were made. Civic Council honored all requests. The meeting adjourned to reopen April 19.

Coyote Cubs help Food Pantry

Coyote Cubs met on Sunday, March 20, at Trinity Lutheran Church. President Annie Carlson called the meeting to order. The roll call topic was "A community service project." Secretary Kate Renner gave roll call and the secretary's report. Emily Renner, treasurer, gave the financial report. Laura Aga, community service coordinator, reported on our last community service project which was walking for the Relay for Life project and donating to that project. We are looking for new ideas on community service projects. Volunteers are needed to serve the Welcome Table on March 28. Members that are available can contact Laura Aga. The community service project for the month of March was making Master Mix for the Food Pantry. All members participated in this activity. Jeannette thanked everyone who participated in the fruit sales. Money is due to her by March 28. Other new business: Lowell and Cindy Knutson will continue to be the club's food stand members. We discussed the upcoming meeting days and times. The meeting was adjourned. Shelli Knutson gave a demonstration on "Fruit Dip", a healthy alternative to serving fruit. All members and their parents helped make Master Mix for the Food Pantry. The hostess for the meeting was Shelli Knutson. Next meeting will be on Sunday, April 17 at 5:30 p.m. at the 4-H center. Submitted by, Reporter Shelli Knutson

Room on the domino train

The Mexican train domino crew has been chugging right along and gaining momentum. Often, 21 players gather at three tables. We have plenty of room for more players. It's a fun, fascinating and easy game to learn. See you at the Senior Citizens Center, 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Senior Citizens Center weekly card party

The weekly card party is still active at the Senior Citizens Center. On March 16, there were 12 bridge and 23 pitch players. Winners at bridge were: First � Elaine Michael; second � Adeline Isaacson; low � Luceal Liffengren. Jane Merrigan "shot the moon" during the pitch games. Refreshments were furnished by Eleanor Offerdahl, Lois Ballard, Margaret Bierle and Rosalie Hubert. All seniors are invited to join the party every Wednesday.

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