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Clubs and Organizations Democrats hear report on campaign research

The February meeting of the Clay County Democrats was called to order by co-chair Berwyn Svoboda, who gave a report on the meeting of the state committee which had been held in Pierre. Several delegates traveled to Washington, D.C., where Howard Dean was elected as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The state committee for the Democratic party plans to have regional offices in Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Aberdeen. McGovern Day will be held on April 30 and will be held in either Spearfish or Sturgis. He also reported on several levels of club membership within the Democratic party structure. Professor Elizabeth Smith of The University of South Dakota's Political Science Department reported on a research project that she had recently participated in. Participants included 20 political scientists; they had studied the Presidential campaign in what were considered to be "battleground" states, Senate and House races and the two South Dakota federal races. The purpose of this project was to study the effect of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. A reconnaissance network was established and 67 individuals collected and sent all their political mailings to USD where four undergraduates collected and logged this data. They also logged television, radio ads and telephone calls. Newspaper ads and articles were also monitored and all campaign managers were interviewed. Dr. Smith discussed different groups, considered to be "outside" interests, who had chosen to campaign in South Dakota as well as the role different religious denominations had played in the recent campaign. She noted that there had been some religious activity in South Dakota which could be considered to be highly political. She also noted that the length of the last campaign, as well as the extensive kinds of coverage, actually caused people to disengage themselves from the process. The next monthly meeting will be March 9 at noon at the Winery. The annual benefit banquet/auction will be held on May 26 beginning at 6 p.m. at the Winery.

4-H�ers create original Valentines

The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H club met on Tuesday, Feb. 8 at the 4-H building kitchen.

Theresa Dendinger, president, started the meeting. Marley Hanson led the 4-H pledge and Ashley Sorensen led the pledge of allegiance. The roll call topic was �What Everyone�s Favorite Valentine�s Day Candy Is.�

Theresa Dendinger gave the secretary�s report. Sarah Anderson gave an update on the treasurer�s report.

Old Business: Congratulations to Patrick Morrison and Theresa Dendinger for being the Washington Focus Trip winners! Theresa gave a brief talk on what the Washington Focus Trip was.

Several Jolly Junior and Juniorette members still need to get their enrollment forms in to the office, ASAP.

Everyone was reminded to check the Plain Talk for the monthly club meeting minutes. These can be put in your 4-H journal/record book. Highlight if your name is listed in the article.

New Business: On April 16, in Beresford, will be a Fashion Revue Workshop, 10 a.m. to noon, modeling, 1 to 3 p.m., fabric selection. Theresa Dendinger recommended to club members this would be a good workshop to go to if you�re interested in participating in Fashion Revue at the fair.

Information was given on 4-H fruit sales. The fruit will be ready for pick up on Saturday, March 19. The fruit money and order forms will need to be turned in to Cyndi Dendinger by March 28. The club will award a first and second place prize to the top sellers.

Theresa Dendinger recommended the club make a donation to the South Dakota Friends of 4-H campaign. The club decided this was a good idea. Ellen Hanson made a motion to make this donation, Emily Holoch seconded it.

A reminder was given on the Camp Lakodia sign up. Theresa Dendinger talked about what happens at the camps and encouraged members to go.

A reminder was also given on: Teen Leadership Conference, June 7-10; 2005 Arbor Day Essay contest deadline is March 18, if interested call Colleen at the Extension office for rules; Spring Project Day, Saturday April 30, and Summer Project Day, Saturday, July 16.

The club decided to purchase a luminaria to be displayed at Relay for Life. Ellen Hanson and Marley Hanson volunteered to decorate the bag. Connie Holoch stated Head Start was sponsoring a team and anyone interested can walk for that team.

Thank yous were read from the Salvation Army and SESDAC.

Emily Holoch made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Sarah Anderson seconded it.

Emily Holoch gave a demonstration called �Toddler Safe Toys.�

Ellen Hanson gave a judging school on Foods and Nutrition, judging ice cream bars.

All present created original Valentine�s Day cards for the people who live at Town Square Apartments.

Pictures were taken of club members holding school supplies, holding plates of cookies which were made by Austan Krier and Jacob Krier�s family for the winner of the cookies for a year from the St. Agnes School Autumn Classic and of the beautiful Valentines created that evening.

Emily Holoch provided refreshments.

The next meeting was on Tuesday, March 8 at Dakota Gardens. Sarah Anderson gave a demonstration. Theresa Dendinger presented a judging school. Ashley Sorensen brought two dozen cookies to give to the St. Agnes Autumn Classic winner. Theresa Dendinger e-mailed spc Chris Barondeau who is over in Iraq. March Community Service Project � school supplies and crackers for the second grade classes at Austin School.

On Feb. 26, those who were interested met at 10 a.m. at Lone Tree Pottery in Yankton to do a pottery project.

Lucky Trailblazers discuss horse fair

The Lucky Trailblazers 4-H club met Feb. 15.

Present: Jessica DeBuhr, Dana Nelson, Courtney Nussbaum, Maddie Pace and Brett Bancroft.

Courtney Nussbaum called the meeting to order. We had the pledge of allegiance and 4-H pledge. Roll call topic �What is your shoe size?� was selected by Taylor Geu. The secretary�s report was read. Motion by Taylor Geu to accept the minutes as read and seconded by Dana Nelson. Treasurer�s report was read and accepted. Courtney passed out our hippology quiz which the club worked on and then discussed the answers.

New business is the horse fair March 19 and 20 in Sioux Falls at the W.H. Lyons Fair Grounds. Saturday at 10 a.m. is the hippology contest, from 1 to 3 p.m. is horse judging, 3 to 5 p.m. is the horse safety course and Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. is a clinic on stock seat equitation and hunt seat equitation.

On Saturday, May 31, 1 to 3 p.m. the club will have its horse safety training during the morning practice. Saturday, July 9, will be the Clay County 4-H Horse Show this year. Please note it on Saturday this year. Larry Siewert from Yankton will judge.

The Horse Identification forms which need to be completed for all horses to be used in this year�s 4-H project were distributed. They need to be returned to the 4-H office by May 31. If you did not get one, please stop by and pick up your copy. Dana Nelson gave her talk on face markings of a horse. Bev Kennedy provided a slide show about horse types and breeds and colors. Next meeting you need to remember the horse breed you picked and bring your information about that breed to the meeting. For our community service, we collected pet food for a local pet shelter.

Next meeting is March 15, with Joseph Ensminger responsible for the roll call topic and Maddie Pace being hostess and giving her speech. Please bring your donations for the food pantry. Lunch was provided by hostess Dana Nelson. Meeting was adjourned.

Ernst speaker at Lions meeting

The March 3 meeting was opened by President Barbara Campbell. Lion Randy Sullivan introduced Darlis LaBahn and Lindy Wipf and Lion Scott Schempp introduced Dennis Olson. Lion Barbara noted that seven Lions (Barbara Campbell, Chuck Estee, Allen and Maxine Johnson, Jacquie Lonning, Randy Sullivan, Ron Thaden) attended the Feb. 21 Zone Meeting in Elk Point.

She passed out ballots to members to vote on a possible meeting location change; Secretary Estee will send ballots to absent members. Lion Curtiss Schempp circulated placemat prototypes, and Lion Richard McBride (hearing and sight committee) received club permission to purchase eyeglasses requested by an individual.

Lion Sullivan read the slate of officers prepared by the nominating committee and asked for nominations. Members will vote at the next meeting. Recalling that the Lions Clubs International motto is �We Serve,� it should be noted that four Vermillion Lions (Maxine Johnson, United Way Volunteer of the Year; Jack Powell, Special Award from the mayor; and Curtiss and Scott Schempp, Family Business Award) received awards at the Feb. 18 Chamber and Development Company�s annual banquet.

The speaker for the evening meeting, Les Ernst, assistant superintendent, Ponca State Park, was introduced by Lion Lyle Wagner. Les, with slides, did an impressive review of the park�s attractions and the great variety of programs and events taking place year-round.

Senior Citizens Center weekly card party

The weekly card party is still active at the Senior Citizens Center. On March 2, there were 12 bridge and 23 pitch players. Winners at bridge were: First � Elaine Michael; second � Barb Kronaizl; low � Reidella Engman.

No one �shot the moon� during the several pitch games. Refreshments were furnished by Sig Nissen (birthday cake and ice cream).

On March 9 there were 12 bridge players. Adeline Isaacson was high, with Shirley Riehle second. There were 24 pitch players, but no one �shot the moon.�

Refreshments were furnished by the Senior Citizens Center.

All seniors are invited to join the party every Wednesday.

Country Gals plan rummage sale

This meeting of the Country Gals and Guys was called to order at 2:05 p.m. The roll call topic was �Your Favorite Color.� Members present were: Michelle Rydell, Amber Walker, Sarah Droegemeier, Krista Kuiper and Chynna Stevens. The pledge of allegiance and the 4-H flag pledge was led by Sarah Droegemeier.

The treasurer�s report was read. The current balance in our account is $70.61. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved by Sarah Droegemeier and seconded by Chynna Stevens.

As a community service project each member brought flour and/or sugar to be donated to the Vermillion Food Pantry. A total of 50 lbs. was donated.

Old Business

Leader Brenda Walker spoke with Renae O�Connor at SESDAC regarding service at the SESDAC Banquet on Saturday, April 2, at the Buffalo Run Resort/Winery. It was decided that our club will work at this fundraiser beginning at 4 p.m. We will work in the kitchen doing preparations required. Each member was asked to dress appropriately. A motion was made by Amber Walker and seconded by Krista Kuiper to volunteer our services on this date for the SESDAC Banquet. (A couple of the members will take food orders and work the dining room during the banquet.)

Fruit will be available to pick up on March 19, 9 to 10:30 a.m. The members will then need to deliver their fruit, collect the money. The fruit sales money needs to be turned in on March 27.

Also, we discussed the proper forms to be completing after each monthly meeting for 4-H Books.

New Business

Along with the Dream Team and Sharing the Dream, our club is going to sponsor a rummage sale at the 4-H facility on Friday, May 13, from 5 to 8 p.m. and on Saturday, May 14, 8 a.m. to noon. All proceeds will be donated to a Guatemala Library through the Sharing the Dream. Michelle Rydell volunteered to be in charge of the advertising. Amber Walker, Elly Melby and Krista Kuiper volunteered to be in charge of the collection box at the Middle School. They also will design posters to be hung at the Middle School. Chynna Stevens will be in charge of the collection box at Jolley School.

The next meeting will be Saturday, April 2, which is the SESDAC Banquet at the Buffalo Run Winery.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

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