National Nutrition Month declared; encourages healthful eating habits

National Nutrition Month declared; encourages healthful eating habits South Dakotans can "get a taste for nutrition" during March which is National Nutrition Month¨.

"National Nutrition Month is a great time for all South Dakotans to take the first step toward making healthful food and physical activity choices," said Jill Munger, nurse with the S.D. Department of Health. "Try new foods and new physical activities to jump-start your plans for health. Use the new dietary guidelines as a road map toward eating a variety of foods and use moderation when selecting portion sizes to balance your choices over time."

Munger said the department's new Web site,, offers a wealth of information about nutrition and physical activity to help South Dakotans make healthier choices.

Try the following suggestions for a healthier diet:

* Be adventurous and expand your horizons. Variety is the "spice of life" in your food choices and is key to good nutrition and health. Choose foods based on flavor, texture and colors that are tasty and healthy. Explore the wide world of nutrition by trying a variety of foods.

* Treat your taste buds. You decide how much and how often. Choose foods sensibly by looking at the big picture; it's what you eat over several days, not just one meal or day that counts. So enjoy all your favorite foods, just try eating them in moderate amounts.

* Balance food choices with your lifestyle. Choosing the right balance of foods helps you get the right combination of nutrients. So balance your food choices with your physical activities to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

* Be active. Be creative and enjoy a variety of ways to stay active to feel your best. There's no need for expensive equipment or complicated fitness programs. Start by making a list of physical activities that fit into your lifestyle and schedule one every day. Check out the activities available in your local area by logging onto the activities calendar on

For more information about nutrition and physical activity, contact the Clay County Community Office at 605-677-6767, or visit the

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