Scientist will discuss river pollution

Scientist will discuss river pollution For years the South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (SDDENR) has reported pollutants and conditions of concern in segments of the Vermillion River. Segments of the river were listed in the South Dakota 2004 303(d) impaired water body list for high fecal coliform bacteria and total suspended solids. Two lakes, East Lake Vermillion and Silver Lake, were also put on the list. The SDDENR is about to begin an assessment of the impairments.

The purpose of the Vermillion River Watershed Assessment is to determine the sources of impairments, and define the amount of pollutants the river can tolerate and still maintain water quality standards (Total Maximum Daily Loads). That information will serve as a foundation for an implementation improvement project.

Alan Wittmuss, a Vermillion based South Dakota environmental scientist, will make a presentation at 7 p.m., March 15 at the W.H. Over Museum. He will present details of the projected study to the Living River Group. The public is invited.

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