St. Patrick Youth Group serves stew Feb. 28 at The Banquet

St. Patrick Youth Group serves stew Feb. 28 at The Banquet By Ashley Anderson Wakonda�s St. Patrick Youth Group went to Yankton, Tuesday, Feb. 28 to serve Irish stew to needy people.

Every year the youth group gets together around St. Patrick�s Day and makes five roasters of stew and delivers them to Yankton where the directors of The Banquet organize the serving.

This year, 165 people went through the line which provided stew, bread, dessert, and a warm place to stay for an hour.

The youth group kids were required to take different shifts and sit down with a person who was alone and just have a simple visit.

At the end of the hour, the young people from Wakonda cleaned everything and circled up to talk about how the night went.

There were tons of stories that people shared with each other.

They ended the night with a song that made people smile as they walked out: If You�re Happy and You Know It.

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