SVVMC celebrates National Social Work Month

SVVMC celebrates National Social Work Month Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center, with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), proudly announce March as National Social Work Month.

The theme for this year's campaign � "Social Workers: Help Starts Here" � invites people to start with social workers when seeking help. It reinforces the point that social workers can connect people to a variety of resources in their community. This year, the Social Work Celebration in March is also the beginning of a multi-year national social work public education campaign to educate people about the breadth and depth of the profession.

Many people don't realize that most of the country's mental health services are provided by social workers. Even more don't know that social workers can be found in hospitals, schools, community health clinics, and even corporations.

For example, at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center in Vermillion, two social workers are actively involved in helping Vermillion area residents get connected to the resources they need when acute or chronic illness strikes.

Veronica Schmidt, social work director and clinical therapist, has provided medical social work services to Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center patients for 10 years. When she enhanced the Social Work Services to include outpatient counseling and psychotherapy, Dana Hansen, licensed social worker, joined SVVMC to continue providing the vital social work services to hospital patients and care center residents.

"Social workers are an integral part in the care of the whole patient, especially in today's increasingly complex health care environment," Schmidt said. "Patients and families appreciate the assistance in navigating through a complicated and sometimes intimidating system, during what is likely a very difficult time in their life."

Social workers are uniquely qualified to fill this role. They have the right education, experience, and dedication to help people help themselves, whenever, wherever and however they need it.

"Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center is privileged to have two such qualified, caring individuals on our team. Veronica and Dana's skills provide depth and diversity in a holistic approach to caring for the people of the greater Vermillion area," said Tim Tracy, CEO at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center.

There are approximately 600,000 social workers in the United States dedicated to helping people of all ages, religions, sexual orientations, and nationalities gain access to adequate resources and services.

For more information on how Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center is supporting our community, please contact Hansen at 605-624-2611 or via e-mail at Or visit our Web site at:

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