Visiting professor speaks March 22

Visiting professor speaks March 22 Dr. Jan E. Lane, a distinguished visiting professor of political science for this semester from the University of Geneva, will give a speech on March 22 at 4 p.m. in Farber Hall.

His speech, entitled "Multiculturalism, Globalization and the United States," will address the diminishing role of the "nation" and the growing trend of citizens with allegiances to multiple cultures.��

Dr. Lane was born in Sweden in 1946. He lives with his wife in Geneva, Switzerland where he is a professor of political science at the University of Geneva and teaches comparative studies, game theory and carries out research on globalization.�

Dr. Lane says he came to the United States and particularly The University of South Dakota because he wanted, "to learn and be stimulated by the U.S., their immense university system. It's the best in the world."

For more information, please contact Dr. William Richardson, chair of the department of political science and director of the W. O. Farber Center at, or call him at 677-5701.

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