Wakonda releases third quarter honor roll

Wakonda releases third quarter honor roll The following Wakonda students have been named to the third quarter "A" honor roll:

Seniors � Alex Nielsen, Jeanie Stockland, Erin Spurrel.

Juniors � Ashley Steffen.

Sophomores � Mitch Hessman, Adam Polley.

Eighth Grade � Lane Stockland.

Seventh Grade � Casey Hessman.

Students named to Wakonda's third quarter "B" honor roll are:

Seniors � Amber Skjonsberg, Erick Skonhovd, Danielle Morris, Brandon Parvin, Bethany Parvin, Meghan Martz, Nick Peterson.

Juniors � Robert Gregoire, Shaun Hessman, Tiffany Ganschow, Kent Stockland, Sandra Geuther.

Sophomores � Phillip Devine, Patrick Morrison, Jessica Vollmer, Emily Ganschow, Courtney Nelson, Brittany Rederick.

Freshman � Kyle Stockland, Andy Peterson, Jordan Mayer, Brian Donahue, Kenneth Erickson, Katie Sokolowski.

Eighth Grade � Megan Book, Vincent Varilek, Jennifer Devine, Kevin Henriksen.

Seventh Grade � Dan Sokolowski, Matt Brue.

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