Young authors brunch will be held April 9

Young authors brunch will be held April 9 By Ashley Anderson The Wakonda School annually takes part in the Young Author, Illustrator and Reading Challenge sponsored by the Vermillion Valley Reading Council.

This year's winners' brunch, "Travel with a Great Book," will be held in Wakonda April 9. Wakonda librarian Angela Grider is this year's coordinator of the brunch.

Wakonda's local winners advanced to the Vermillion Valley level in which their creations went up against area school's submissions. If their piece won at that level, the individual was invited to the brunch and will advance to the state level.

If the piece wins at the state level the student is invited to the awards dinner in Aberdeen, Saturday, April 2.

Grades K-6, 9, 10, and 12 participated in the contest. Wakonda's local winners are listed below:

Kindergarten � Kaci Madsen, Quinten Nelson, Austin Hennings and Dylan Ludke. First grade � Dana Crissman, Kailey Germann, Ethan Gullikson and Justice Mews.

Second grade � Lauren Sokolowski, Tyler Madsen and RJ Holman.

Third grade � Cody Geuther, Josie Huber, Devon Brewer, Justin Ostrem and Daniel Brue.

Fourth grade � Krysta Erickson, Jake Vollmer, Mackenzie Huber and Spencer Brown.

Fifth grade � Janae Johnson, Pearl Gaidelis, Nick Taggart, Samantha Smith, and Lauren Mews.

Sixth grade � Casey Skonhovd, Jordan Nelson, Dylan Halverson, and Roxanne Polley.

Freshmen � Stephen Piper, Jordan Meyer, Katie Sokolowski, and Chris Nelsen.

Sophomores � Courtney Nelson, Andy Jensen and Bo Martz.

Seniors � Dan Goeden.

Winners from Wakonda received a certificate and $1. Their entries went on to the Vermillion Valley Level.

Winners at this next level and those invited to the Wakonda brunch were Kailey Germann, Justine Mews, Devon Brewer, Mackenzie Huber, Lauren Mews, Pearl Gaidelis, Casey Skonhovd, Chris Nelsen, Stephen Piper, Jordan Mayer, Courtney Nelson, Bo Martz as honorable mention, and Dan Goeden as honorable mention.

Winners from that level were sent to state and if they won there, were contacted and invited to the State Reading Conference which will be held in Aberdeen on March 31-April 2.

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