2005 elementary spring concert: ‘Feelin’ Good’

2005 elementary spring concert: 'Feelin' Good' By Ashley Anderson "Feelin' Good" headlined the Wakonda Gym Monday, April 4 as this year's annual elementary spring concert.

The theme concentrated on nutrition and eating well. It was the celebration of health and well-being.

Grades K-six dressed up in their work-out clothes and showed off their fantastic singing voices. The concert opened with the "C" Band, grades five and six, that played Grandfather's Clock, Colorado Trail, and Wooly Bully. Then grades K-two sang So Glad To See You. After that, grades K-six did the Exercise Tango. Then, going back to grades K-two, they sang Music Makes Me Sing, and The Body Boogie.

Grades three-four sang and danced to Too Smart To Start which was a way they were saying "no" to drugs and tobacco. Grades three-six then sang Live Well with a two trios. Trio 1 was Melissa Hessman, Pearl Gaidelis, and Janai Johnson. Trio 2 was Lauren Mews, Mandy Steffen, and Samantha Smith. The second song they sang was Jeans.

The concert ended with two songs sang from all the grades � Thankful for the USA, and Feelin' Good. Afterwards the parents walked around the gym and looked at their child's artwork from coloring and drawing contests. With summer coming up, hopefully the students and their audience now can make better choices about healthy foods to eat and what to avoid.

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