4-H club will clean Barstow Park

4-H club will clean Barstow Park The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H club met at Dakota Gardens on Tuesday, March 8 for their meeting. They started out the meeting introducing themselves and then the residents from Dakota Gardens introduced themselves. William Mart led the Pledge of Allegiance. Sarah Anderson led the 4-H pledge. Roll call topic was "What are you doing over Spring break?" Sarah Anderson gave an update on the treasurer's report.

Old Business: The 4-H fruit will be in on Friday, March 18. Bob Rosacker and family volunteered to help with unloading the fruit on that day. The money collected from the fruit is due to Pam Hanson by March 28.

Ellen Hanson volunteered to E-mail SPC Chris Barondeau in the months of March/April.

Sarah Anderson volunteered to bring two dozen cookies to the April meeting for the winner of the St. Agnes Autumn Classic auction winner.

The completed pottery projects from Lone Tree Pottery were handed out. Everyone did a super job and had lots of fund on Feb. 26, painting on the pieces of pottery. Coupons were handed out to those who couldn't come on that Saturday to get the discount rate if they would like to go on their own sometime.

New Business: Upcoming dates to remember: Fashion Revue Workshop at the Beresford Public Library, April 16; Spring Project Day, Saturday, April 30; Special Foods with Yankton County, June 25; Demonstration Contest at the 4-H Center, Vermillion, June 15; and Summer Project Day, Saturday, July 16.

Everyone worked on writing personal messages on the 4-H campaign forms, then stuffing the envelopes and addressing the envelopes for the 4-H annual campaign drive.

Sarah Anderson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. William Mart seconded it.

Pictures were taken of community service projects: school supplies for the second grade classes at Austin school and of the spring basket of cookies brought by Ashley Sorenson.

Sarah Anderson did a demonstration called "How to Present A Child's Story Effectively."

Theresa Dendinger presented a judging school on stamplnote pads.

Refreshments and a light lunch was provided by Sarah Anderson.

Entertainment was provided to the residents of Dakota Gardens by Ellen Hanson playing two musical selections on the piano, Sarah Anderson played a musical selection on her flute and Ashley Sorensen sang a song.

The next 4-H club meeting will be on Tuesday, April 12. The club members will meet at the southwest corner of Barstow Park at 6 p.m. to pick up trash/litter at the park and in the ditches. Everyone should bring gloves.

After cleaning up Barstow Park the club members will go back to the 4-H building to work on a wood project with Marion Kryger. Bring sandpaper, paint or stain or varnish, and a paint brush to paint the organizer. Bring $3.50 to cover the cost.

Ellen Hanson, Reporter

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