Basketball team earns championship hardware

Basketball team earns championship hardware The Irene boys' ninth- and 10th-grade basketball players played in the Willie Mac Hoops tournament in Watertown on April 1 and 2.

The team, which featured three sophomores and six freshmen, have played ball together since grade school. Their dedication, love of basketball, and teamwork ball-playing paid off this past weekend as they took home the championship trophy in the 2005 Will Mac Hoops 10th Grade Boys' Class B Division.

The points were scored, the rebounds were pulled down, the assists were passed in to make the shots, and the steals and defensive moves all came together to showcase a group of young men who love to play ball together and love to win!

In their first game, Irene beat Sanborn Central with a score of 54-39. Saturday morning, the Cards met Dell Rapids St. Mary's in an aggressive match, but pulled off the win 38-36. This led the team into a match with Castlewood and the Cards were victorious, again, with a score of 53-33. That win made the Cardinals the winner of Pool B which had eight teams and advanced them to play the eight-team Pool A winner.

For the championship, Irene met Sully Buttes in a game which required teamwork, skills, patience, and a lot of hard work. Irene trailed by a few points for the entire game until the final two minutes. As the final minute ticked away on the scoreboard, the lead in the game bounced back and forth between the two teams. In the final seconds, Irene scored the leading points and then proved their will to win, when Brock Mutchelknaus blocked the final shot to come away with a Cardinal victory by a score of 65-63 over the Sully Buttes Chargers.

Game stats

Game 1: Irene 54 � Sanborn Central 39. Points Scored: Anderson 21, Nielson 21, R Hauger 10, H Hauger 4, Mutchelknaus 2, Reeves 2, Davis 2, Burfeindt 2.

Game 2: Irene 38 � Dell Rapids St. Mary 36. Points Scored: Anderson 14, Nielson 5, R Hauger 6, Mutchelknaus 11, Reeves 2.

Game 3: Irene 53 � Castlewood 33. Points Scored: Anderson 11, Nielson 11, R Hauger 1, H Hauger 5, Mutchelknaus 7, Reeves 3, Davis 2, Burfeindt 11, Rempp 2.

Game 4: Irene 65 � Sully Buttes 63: Points Scored: Anderson 34, Nielson 19, R Hauger 5, H Hauger 2, Mutchelknaus 2, Davis 3.

Next year, as we consolidate all sports with Wakonda, Irene will join with the many talents of the Wakonda team. The future looks very bright!

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