Change of address for Rep. Herseth

Change of address for Rep. Herseth U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth's Sioux Falls constituent service office has moved to a new location.

The new address is:

Rep. Stephanie Herseth

326 East 8th Street

Suite 108

Sioux Falls SD 57104

Sioux Falls phone and fax numbers remain un-changed:

Phone: (605) 367-8371

Fax: (605) 367-8373

"I'm pleased to announce a new location for my Sioux Falls office to better serve South Dako-tans in the southeast part of the state," Rep. Herseth said. "Throughout the 109th Congress, I am eager to continue my work on behalf of Sioux Falls and the entire state, including issues like economic development, essential infrastructure for transportation and water projects, and fairness for veterans, especially the new generation of men and women returning from Iraq and Afghan-istan."

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